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Super Smash Bros Brawl review

Super Smash Bros Brawl has been one of the most anticipated games to come out on the wii and it sure brings a lot of great fun into the wii. The space embassy is a pretty cool story mode that gives you a nostalgic feel of playing an old nintendo 2D side scrolling classic except with updated graphics. This also makes a start by adding non nintendo characters into the scene such as Solid Snake and Sonic. Hopefully on the next Brawl, they would add more characters like Dante, Ken (from Street Fighter), Spider-Man, Knuckles, Redman (inside joke), etc.

The graphics in this game aren't Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 superior looking type of graphics but for the Wii console, they still look pretty amazing. Everything looks pretty gorgeous on the game.

Controls, highly recommend having a Gamecube controller. The wii remote just isn't that much fun and you really don't even use the motion sensors at all on there so a controller such as Gamecube one or even a classic controller is definitely a must have for this game.

Sound is pretty impressive. You don't really hear them talk because Nintendo characters traditionally never talk on scenes but David Hayter still does Snake's voice on this game (originally, I thought the Japanese version of Snake would only be on this game) and it's pretty cool hearing the MGS hero being on one of the nintendo's finest video games.

Online. I will say it adds a lot more to Super Smash Bros series than it ever did, allowing you to play with your friends and what not online. But nintendo being very overprotective, you have to separately trade in wii numbers and make sure each one gets added. It can be a very complicated process and the worst part is that there is NO communication. If the wii had a service like Xbox Live then Brawl online would be PERFECT.

Overall, this game is very satisfying and if you are wanting a wii specifically for this game, definitely go for it. The space embassy is a pretty fun and you can't go wrong having friends come over and compete with this game.

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Very well put!

Posted by Blueprint12

Thanks :D

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