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4.75 stars 4.75/5 Stars Average score of 12 user reviews spread across 9 releases and 0 DLC

An excellent addition to a great franchise. 0

Whether you play this competitively or just for fun, this game is a must buy for Gamecube. Gameplay & Other Things - This game offers the "Classic Mode" which is the mode that was played in the original Super Smash Bros. You go from stage to stage battling characters. After you defeat a character you move onto the next stage. Also in classic mode are 2 minigames. These are Break the Targets, which basically involves you trying to break all the targets within a time limit. Each character has...

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The best game for gamecube 0

The good: tons of unlockables, awesome multiplayer, lots of characters, lots of arenas, tons of game modes,The bad: ummmm..... nothingFirst off when i say there is nothing bad about this game i mean it, everything about it is great the single player modes the multiplayer modes are all very great.The single player consists of classic mode and adventure mode, classic mode is you having to fight a number of rounds each time a different character for instance you might have to fight against a bunch ...

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Ahh! This game does wonders for me!-Gamecube 0

That is probably what the Gamecube would say while playing SSBM, if it could talk, "Ahh! This game does wonders for me!" Melee doesn't just do wonders for the Gamecube, it does wonders for all gamers around the world. Melee features quick constant fighting, but includes strategy while selecting what attack you will use to completely wipe out your opponent. You can really choose how you want to play. You can use strategy, or just go for the kill. Also there are tons of modes, so this is another g...

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Many hours playing 0

I have spent many hours playing this by myself with brother and sister trying to get trophys, characters and stages. This game has a lot of content and is like GTA 4 after you complete the main stuff there always more things to go back and do. There are a couple of modes. 1st player: you got classic mode, adventure mode and after getting all hidden characters All-Star Mode. Some hidden characters are Dr.mario, Mewtwo, Ganandorf and more. This game has pretty simple control scheme, and is enjoyab...

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It is an awesome game, but brawl is better. 1

Now before you read, if your thinking about getting melee, because you have about 20 bucks, save and get brawl, FIRST! because brawl overall (HEY! IT RYHMES! XD) is a better game, one: it has more content, two: it has better graphics and gameplay, three: for the first time, they have a real time storymode: the subspace emissary, now onto the review. It has a new look, meaning mario, luigi, peach, link, etc. have different, however, yet another brawl reference, everysingle nintendo character, exe...

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Like the whole series, this too is fantastic! 0

Super smash bros has got to be one of the best game series of all time, it brings together loads of different characters from different nintendo games and pits them together to wipe the floor with each other!Super smash bros melee is easily one of the best games available on the GC, not only does it have a fantastic and simple fighting system, it alsoperfectly replicates the characters from there series.However where the best part comesinto play has got to be with the multiplayer! Who can resist...

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a game with amazing control and unlimted replay value 2

Note: I consider myself to be at a ‘close to pro’ player at this game. But also take note that I was originally a ‘noob’ at this game, and this game is fun at an armature and pro level….and the way to becoming a considerably good player can be most rewarding.   Super Smash Bros Melee to me is perfection in a video game. I consider it the best game ever made and the best in the series.  You may not agree with me but I have many reasons to why this is, and Ill share a few in this review. The Smas...

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Great multiplayer is what makes Melee what it is; a solid fighter 0

I personally think that Super Smash Bros. Melee is a little bit over appreciated, but that does not mean it is not a great game. Sure it has great multiplayer with friends and family, but say you don't have anyone to play with, the CPUs really aren't that fun to play against; nor do they pose much of a challenge, and this can become very boring after a while. There is virtually no story to Melee, but there is still single player modes; but they don't bring much to the table. For single player ...

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Duke it out with Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, Kirby and many more .. 0

Super Smash Bros Melee, many consider it as the best game on Gamecube and many gamers continue to play that game a lot even today after nearly 6 years of it’s release. This game is the biggest selling game on the Gamecube. In this game, you’ll find many of Nintendo’s biggest stars like Link, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pikachu, Mario and many more….. I’m sure many of you remember the original Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64, lot’s of good memories right ? Well let’s see how this game does on the Gam...

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Super Smash Bros. Melee Review (Gamecube) 0

There's so much to do in SSBM. Even after you have completed 100% of the game you will still play it over and over againWith 25 characters, 11 unlockable characters, 29 stages, trophies, Classic, Adventure, All-Star and Event modes. There is so much to do in this game and not so much that it's frustrating. Pros. - a lot of even balanced characters - Tons of gameplay hours - Absolutely amazing multiplayer - All of the different game modes for you to try - A lot of trophies to collect - The game h...

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Still to this day, one of the best multiplayer games around. 0

Nintendo i beleive where probably what got the 'party' games involving the companys mascots popular.The original super smash brothers fro the N64 at least defined this trend with setting many different unrelated Nintendo characters all at each others throats and smashing each other high into the sky.Super smash brothers Melee improves on literally everything from the original and in turn has became an absolute classic that until Brawl was released, was one of the most played and definatly most a...

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The best Gamecube game! 0

This is a game where you can play for hundreds of hours. The gameplay is super smooth, the graphics are perfect, the music is perfect, and the levels and stages show endless fun. Hyrule castle is my favotite. This is one of the greatest games i've ever seen. It is truly fantastic. All the characters are fun to master, and anyone looking for a great game should buy this. The 4-player mayhem may look too over the top, but there is alot of thinking involved. My favorite characters are Link, Captain...

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