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An excellent addition to a great franchise.

Whether you play this competitively or just for fun, this game is a must buy for Gamecube.

Gameplay & Other Things - This game offers the "Classic Mode" which is the mode that was played in the original Super Smash Bros. You go from stage to stage battling characters. After you defeat a character you move onto the next stage. Also in classic mode are 2 minigames. These are Break the Targets, which basically involves you trying to break all the targets within a time limit. Each character has its own unique Break the Targets stage. The second minigame involves you trying to hit trophies falling from the sky into the target zone. "Adventure Mode" is the mode where your character travels through Regular Stages(Like the ones in Classic Mode), or Adventure Stages(As I like to call them). In the adventure stages you start at one point in the stage, and must travel towards the other end. At the end instead of battling the Master Hand, you battle Bowser. When you finish these, you can unlock a third gametype which involves you battling every single character in the game. The other single player game types are Event Matches, and minigames like Target Test, Homerun Contest, and others. The single player is great, and worth playing. 9.4/10

In multiplayer there are many gametypes you can pick from: Special Melee, Tournament Mode, or you could just play regular melee. With all the items in the game, and the ability to customize which items spawn, and how frequently, it adds a lot of depth. You can also choose how the maps rotate, which maps rotate, and what maps are randomly selected. When you play in multiplayer mode you earn coins depending on what happens in the game. The coins can be used to purchase trophies, which are randomly chosen. Trophies have no real value except for bragging rights. The advanced techniques also add a lot of depth and replayability to the game as it takes time to master.  9.7/10

Sound - The soundtrack for this game is amazing, and was topped only by Super Smash Bros: Brawl. Each stage has a unique soundtrack that plays in the background. 8.9/10

Overall, I would rate this game a 9.5/10 and would recommend it to anyone.  

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