bobberyfan98's Dairantou Smash Brothers DX (GameCube) review

It is an awesome game, but brawl is better.

Now before you read, if your thinking about getting melee, because you have about 20 bucks, save and get brawl, FIRST! because brawl overall (HEY! IT RYHMES! XD) is a better game, one: it has more content, two: it has better graphics and gameplay, three: for the first time, they have a real time storymode: the subspace emissary, now onto the review. It has a new look, meaning mario, luigi, peach, link, etc. have different, however, yet another brawl reference, everysingle nintendo character, exept pit and bowser, looks exactly like the new 2000's nintendo characters, go look up games like super mario galaxy and mario power tennis and mario super sluggers and you'll see what i mean. Now i the gameplay is just like everysingle one, so don't worry, if you own the original gameplay has'nt changed, now the graphics are fun, i do admit, now the last, the music is amazing! so anyways the game is good, so it does'nt suck. So these are my scores:
Graphics 5/5
Gameplay 5/5
Music 5/5
Difficulty 3/5

So i reccomend this to die-hard fighter fans! and people brand new to the series!

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Posted by Psychotime

I'm sorry, but your title is pretty stupid. If Brawl wasn't any better than it's predecessor, it'd amount to a pile of crap. The job of a sequel is to improve everything from the last game and add to it.

That's like saying Super Mario Galaxy was better than Super Mario 64.

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