ishoturface's Dairantou Smash Brothers DX (GameCube) review

The best game for gamecube

The good: tons of unlockables, awesome multiplayer, lots of characters, lots of arenas, tons of game modes,

The bad: ummmm..... nothing

First off when i say there is nothing bad about this game i mean it, everything about it is great the single player modes the multiplayer modes are all very great.

The single player consists of classic mode and adventure mode, classic mode is you having to fight a number of rounds each time a different character for instance you might have to fight against a bunch of mini marios who can be taken out with only one stong attack, or you might have to fight against giant kirby who can take quite a bit of damage before you being able to knock him out.

And adventure mode is sorta like a platformer meaning that you can pick one of the characters you start with (or have unlocked) and you travel through different worlds like mario kingdom, mute city (from F-zero series) and a bunch of other nintendo based worlds.
There is also a unlockable mode (you unlock it after unlocking all the characters) and in this mode you pick one of the characters and then you battle against the rest after every few battles the number of enemies you face each time will increase and you keep the damage you take from each battle and it travels over to the next battle, proving to be a very challenging mode.

There are also a series of challenge modes like you have to survive a certain amount of time or K.O. a certain amount of enemies which is very fun and sometimes very hard.

The multiplayer being the focus of the game and it is very very good, with up to 4 players that can play at one time or just you versus 3 bots and the bots can be set to a certain difficulty based on numbers, number one being the easiest (best for first timers) and number nine being the hardest (hard for even veterans).
And in the vs mode you can choose your settings like of you want the game to have a certain amount of time, how many lives each player can have or how many K.O.'s you have to get to win and there is also team mode is vs so maybe you and some friends could try and defeat a level nine enemy.

Besides vs mode there are a bunch of other little games modes for multiplayer like giant (where are players are bigger that they normally are, tiny mode where as it is as it sounds, and some even funkier modes like slow motion, fast motion, invisible mode and some others adding lots of fun and replay to the game.

There are items in the game like the hammer which is a one hit knockout weapon, and the giant mushroom or tiny mushroom making you bigger or smaller, the star which makes you invincible for a short time, or my personal favorite the the party-ball which can release either lots of bombs (also a powerup on its own) or a bunch of health items, so you never really know what is going to drop out of the ball til its to late And then there is another favorite powerup... the pokeball when you get one of these (which is often) you can throw it at someone or just throw it at the ground releasing the pokemon character inside and they release their move like the dragon (dont know its real name) which spews fire everywhere or some of the other many pokemon characters.

You can customize what powerups you want and which you want off or you can turn them all off if you want.
The characters in SSBM (super smash bros melee)
are ones you either will or wont recognize like Mario (who i hope you will know) samus from the metroid series, captain falcon, link, zelda (who can turn into sheik) and some ones you might not know like the Ice climbers, MR. game and watch (who is unlockable later in the game) and even if you might not know them you will start to after playing the game for a while.

There are quite a few arenas like hyrule temple, peach's castle, mute city where you are on a race track trying to stay on the cars while battleing your enemies and some other ones, after you unlock al the characters and stages there will be 25 characters and around 30 arenas including some arenas from super smash bros for N64.

Now the moves will be different for each character and they each have a quick attack, strong attack and then a smash attack, take falcon for example his quick attack can be a drop kick if you are holding the stick down while pressing the quick attack button or it could be a simple punch and his strong attack is falcon punch by holding down the B button for a while then he will release what is called the falcon punch (its very powerful) and for a smash attack you have to press either the A or B button and jerk the stick very quickly and you have to press the button and move the stick at the same time or it wont work this attack normally k.o.'s with one hit.
All characters have quick attacks, strong attacks and smash attacks all equally the same strength as other characters moves and the moves vary depending on what character you pick, so mario and samus wont have the same moves as each other.

As i said earlier there are lots of unlockables such as characters, arenas, trophies (which are the main way to complete the game) and you can get trophies by getting coins which you get by competing in vs matches or doing good in the singleplayer modes and then going to the lottery machine where yo ucan put in as many coins as you want (as long as you have some) and the more coins you put in the better the chances of you getting a rare trophy (there are over 250 trophies for you to collect)
and the more trophies you have the harder it is to get a different kind of trophy since it varies what trophy you get (if you put in lots of coins later on in the game you will have a good chance of getting a rare one)

The graphics are pretty good espsecially the world graphics in the mario level you almost feel as if you are in the mushroom kingdom.

The sound is also very good from the tracks which are from classic nintendo games like legend of zelda or the classic mario games.

Overall i want to recommend this game to everyone so im going to.... no matter who you are or what system you own this game alone is good enough excuse for you to gamecube if you dont already have one, and if you do already have a GC THEN GET IT!


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