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Super Star Force, like Tecmo's earlier Star Force, is a vertical-scrolling shoot-em-up. It has two elements that differentiate it from its predecessor, however: The first is that it was made originally for the NES, rather than being an Arcade conversion like Star Force. The other is the introduction of minor non-linear adventure elements, such as the ability to purchases power-ups from stores and teleport to different time periods.

Super Star Force also features special areas where the player proceeds on foot, similar to other vehicle action games like Blaster Master and Ginga Denshou: Galaxy Odyssey. These sections need to be unlocked by following specific instructions hinted at by NPCs in the regular shoot-em-up levels before they can be accessed, occasionally requiring that the player backtrack to earlier levels or shoot at an unusual fixture in the stage. In each of these special areas, the player must find two special crests that unlock the path to a Time Stone, and every Time Stone from every stage needs to be found in order to complete the game.

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