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Staying close to the formula of previous games in the series, the story Super Return Of The Jedi is based on the movie of its namesake. This time, the 19 levels of the game follow the adventures of the Star Wars heroes as they try to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt, and the following ground and space battles that comprise the “Battle of Endor”. The vehicle levels include a landspeeder approach to Jabba’s Palace, the speeder bike chase on Endor, and the flight of the Millenium Falcon to destroy the 2 Death Star.


In addition to the 3 playable heroes of previous games (Han, Luke and Chewie), Super Return Of The Jedi adds Leia and Wicket the Ewok. The number of available players changes each level. The controls are the same as those of Super Empire Strikes Back, however Luke cannot use a blaster and only has 5 force powers. Some levels switch from controlling the heroes to piloting a ship.

There are 3 difficulty levels; Easy, Brave and Jedi. A password system allows players to start at any level provided they enter the correct password.


  1. Tatooine 1
  2. Tatooine 2-Boss: Palace Door Guard
  3. Jabba's Palace-Boss: Bib Fortuna
  4. Dungeon-Boss: Giant Purple Fog
  5. Rancor Pit-Boss: Rancor
  6. Sail Barge
  7. Inside Sail Barge-Boss: Jabba the Hut
  8. Speeder Bike Chase
  9. Ewok Village 1-Boss: EV-9D9
  10. Ewok Village 2-Boss: Dragon
  11. Imperial Base-Boss: Imperial Ship
  12. Falcon Battle
  13. Bunker-Boss: Shield Generator
  14. Death Star-Boss: Darktroopers
  15. Death Star Surface
  16. Tower-Boss: Royal Guard, Darktrooper
  17. Final Battle-Boss: Darth Vader
  18. Emperor's Throne Room-Boss: Emperor Palpatine
  19. Death Star Tunnel

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