DECA555'S Super Stardust HD Trophy Guide

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Right off the bat, I'm telling you now...THIS IS THE LAST GUIDE FOR SUPER STARDUST HD YOU WILL EVER NEED!!!
If this guide is well received, I will make another for both Uncharted and .

Ok lets Begin.

Hero Of Lave- Complete planet Lave
This trophy is earned by Completing all the stages of Lave. You can do this in Arcade or Planet mode, but I would suggest so you can unlock the next levels (and trophies) I suggest doing it on Easy Mode as well (be easy on yourself. You’re not trying to prove anything to anyone so you may as well make your trophy hunt an enjoyable, less frustrating one. We can’t always be tough guys :P )

Hero Of Coventina- Complete planet Coventina
Same drill as mentioned above. Easy mode and get through all the stages of Coventina. This is a good time to realize the awesome power of the Gold Melter. Power that bad boy up and fire at enemies in a very wavy pattern. It seems to get rid of them faster. The Gold Melter also has very useful defensive capabilities. This planet is the perfect opportunity to hone your gold melting skills. Take advantage of it!

Hero Of Nemain
- Complete planet Nemain
Easy mode, all stages, Blah Blah Blah

Hero Of Taranis- Complete planet Taranis
Easy mode, all stages, are you even reading this anymore? 0_o

Hero Of Segomo- Complete planet Segomo
You’re nearly done. Easy Mode, All stages done, Annoying boss bitch slapped, Trophy :D

The Tokenizer- Collect 5 tokens with a single boost in mode
This trophy is easily obtained in Coventina. Very shortly after the level begins, you will notice an asteroid pattern like a countdown. Destroy each asteroid and the count down will...well....count down. Once the last New Years Eve asteroid is no more, a colossal green asteroid will land. Position your ship directly in the center (take your time and don’t rush it.) DONT SHOOT IT!!!!! I REPEAT DO NOT SHOOT THE LARGE GREEN ASTROID!!! You’re going to want to boost through the center of the green asteroid so you maximize your chances of getting 5 power tokens. If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t cut yourself just yet (your going to need to save the blood and the sharp object for the Late Boomer Trophy...)

Scrooge MacBoom- Get 10 booms in Arcade mode
This is one of several trophies that you should be able to get without trying. Just play through the single player mode and lay of the bombs. You should be able to get this trophy as well as the Well Prepared Trophy in one shot!

Extra Ships Optional- Survive 7 minutes without dying in Endless mode
This is the easiest trophy in the game...if you do it my way. Once you’re in endless mode, play until you reach a wave of enemies that appear as those non moving blue objects. They should form the shape of crosses all over the map. Soon after a wave of those annoying blue disc shaped enemies will land. This is the tricky part. Pick of each one of these BUT LEAVE ONE ALIVE. If you leave one of them alive, no more enemies will appear. Wait 7 minutes and you will have earned your trophy. Its cheap, its dirty, it works :P

Close Encounters- Survive 45 seconds without shooting or using bombs in Survival mode
This trophy is fairly easy to obtain. Keep your fingers off the right stick and R2 so you don’t have any accidental shots pop off. I recommend moving in one direction at all times, only making small deliberate moves to avoid annihilation. This may take a few tries, but don’t let it get to you. Late Boomer will =p

Shock And Awe- Destroy 10 nukes in endless mode
This was the last trophy I got. I was actually just playing endless mode casually with no intention of getting this trophy and I said to myself "that’s probably like 8 nukes" and then the message appeared telling me I had earned Shock And Awe. Needless to say I was Shocked and maybe a little Awed :P
Since the enemy patterns are random, it’s hard for me to give specific advice. Try to conserve bombs as much as possible. Use Bombs only when it’s going to save your life. BOOST INTO THE NUKES!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR BOMBS ON NUKES!!! Try to upgrade your Gold Melter as much as possible because (as mentioned above) it has excellent defensive capabilities. Make small movements and shoot the Gold Melter side to side and clear enemies that way. Make small circles around your ship when you feel the enemies closing in. Good luck and have fun.

Token Hoarder- Collect 15 tokens in a single boost in Arcade Mode
Follow my tips for The tokenizer trophy (above) and you should be able to get this trophy with overall ease.

Well Prepared- Get 20 Bombs in Arcade Mode
Just as withScrooge MacBoom, play through the Arcade Mode and just don’t use any bombs. Quite simplistic and easy to earn.

Shield Blaster-  Collect 5 shield tokens while already having a shield
Just like the Bomb trophies. Start the Arcade Mode on easy and watch for purple tokens. Do whatever it takes to secure the token. Use boosts, bombs, anything it takes. If you see a yellow token for an extra ship, wait it out and it will turn into a shield token. When you pick up a shield token and you already are protected by a shield, the token acts as an automatic bomb. Just a side note : Complete a planet without using boost
Same tactic as the shield and bomb collecting trophies. Start the Arcade Mode on easy and just complete Lave without using boot. Play as you would and have fun. Just keep your finger off L2.

Late Boomer- Collect 15 Bombs in Bomber Mode
This is the biggest pain in the ass ever. I hope you have a lot of patience and a deep desire to get this trophy because if you don’t, all you will earn here is a headache and possibly a broken controller.
You need to spend one bomb in order to destroy a ship that carries 2 bombs. The best thing you can do is tail a ship until another ship lands and eventually they will cross paths. This is your (very small) window of opportunity. I suggest trying to position yourself between the two ships. If the ship you are tailing is going up and the ship that you are waiting on is going down, eventually they will have the rear of each ship facing each other. This is where you go between them and use ONE bomb. If done correctly, you should earn four bombs (3 technically but whatever). I do not suggest trying to do this again however. After you successfully get the four bombs using the technique mentioned above, just try to survive and find the next ship. DO NOT tail this one. Destroy it on site. Keep trying until the trophy is yours. Trust me it’s worth it. Every time I look at mine, I feel a deep satisfaction. Persistence and desire is the key to this trophy. Oh and load your favorite music into the game as well. It will prove invaluable.

Multiplier Hero- Get 10X Multiplier
This is a fairly easy trophy to get. Fire up Arcade Mode and do it on Easy. You’re basically going to have to play through most if not all of the Arcade Mode in order to obtain this trophy. Remember SHIELDS are MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than extra ships. If you die, your multiplier resets. Regardless of how many extra ships you have, its still going to reset. Go for the shields!!!

Brothers In Arms- Segomo- Get 3 minutes of continuous CO-OP Weapon Boost
You actually don't need a human friend to do this with. Just an extra controller. Start the CO-OP mode in SEGOMO!!! It needs to be Segomo or it won’t work. All you need to do is keep your ship and your friend’s ship close together so that the ray of energy between them does not break. Carefully move them away from the large ice asteroids. DO NOT SHOOT ANYTHING!!! IF YOU KEEP THE ASTROIDS INTACT NOTHING ELSE WILL APPEAR!!!

I hope this guide has helped you as much as possible.
If you still have questions, I would be happy to answer them over the PSN.
My PSN ID is DECA555
I will very vaguely answer you through text but I will go in depth if you own a headset and we are talking through the PlayStation 3's Chat function.

Good Luck, Don't Give up and Happy Hunting!


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