Getting Soon, what should I practice beforehand on?

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Im going to get SSF2THD pretty soon but ive never really played Street Fighter games before (though I do play a lot of Tekken and Soul Caliber but not really Multiplayer) and was wondering what earlier iteration is best to practice on? I want to be reasonably capable of a few special moves and stuff before I go headlong into the Xbox Live Realm.

Right now ive got Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Snes Version, on my DS to practice so will that do me? 

If I have the cash spare im also going to get the Mad Catz Fightpad (360 version), im not really a joystick person since ive only really went to arcades a few times on holidays.

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I'd say you practice on THIS. It's not the same on the DS.

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Coltonio7 said:
"I'd say you practice on THIS. It's not the same on the DS."

Well I cant I dont own it yet lol

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