Trading wins..

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I hate to ask this, because it's so silly, but after hearing Brad say you can essentially trade off Playing to Win, I was wondering if anyone is game for this?


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On which console?

#3 Posted by JJOR64 (19542 posts) -

I got this achievement the legit way.  I'm happy about that.

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Just tried it with a buddy, didn't seem to work.

#5 Posted by AnnouncerGXZ (910 posts) -

trading wins? like intentionally i win u win i win u win i win u win? jus for the sake of archievement/trophy/points?????
why would anyone feel rewarded in that kind? its not real. if u feel rewarded then u living in your own world. i find it stupid.
i see many people requesting trading wins in many games and many platform. i dont even care for trophys.

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