Training for Perfection achievement. Glitch.

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I am playing the hell out of this game...

I have all the achievement except for Training for Perfection, Playing to Win and Master of All Things.  I've played through the arcade mode atleast 10 times with different characters mostly on medium difficulty, but I can't seem to get the Training for Perfection.  I know I've gotten atleast 5 perfect rounds...

what gives?
#2 Posted by GunstarRed (5796 posts) -

win a round perfect and then lose the match, then just keep continuing winning one of the rounds eventually you will end up with 5 perfects eventually it will pop

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So I now have all of the achievements except for this one.  I've beaten the game several times on different difficulty levels getting plenty of perfect rounds.  Any more pro tips?

update:  I just got it.  Apparently you have to do it in one game... that way, marions advice works perfectly... you can continue as much as you want but cannot restart the game.  200/200 woot!
#4 Posted by FlappyHands (2944 posts) -

Yep if you can't get it by just playing through and kicking butt with 5 perfects in there, just use the first guy, perfect the first round and then let him beat you.

I've got all the multiplayer achievements to get now... I've played about 10 ranked matches and won 1. Wish me luck. =(

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