Any tips for a newcomer?

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I picked up SSFIV off amazon a few days back and it's just arrived. I haven't really had much experience with fighting games (this is the first one I've owned.) but so far I'm enjoying the game quite a bit. Unfortunately I'm terrible. So I decided I'd ask you guys. 
Any good resources for help as someone starting out in Street fighter? Any decent tips you could give off-hand?

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Play, play, play
Work on footsies, spacing and zoning, don't worry about crazy combos yet
Read this
Don't play the AI
There's no shortcuts or magic tips, only way to get better is through experience
Oh and play.

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Click playlists and watch all of the Battlefield Arcadia Tournaments. You will see real pro level gameplay and you'll learn all of the lingo. Also, Chris Hu is the greatest commentator ever. 
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@Pessh: Thanks Alot, I'll read into that. 
Another question, How good is the matchmaking system in this? How accurately does it put you up against players of your skill level, or does it just throw you up againt random players?
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@McGhee_the_Insomniac: I've watched alot of EVO and other pro tournaments over the years, and so I'm familiar with most of the lingo, it's more the skill building that I want to learn.
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A friend of mine got this game a couple days ago and we are probably going to play some of it at his New Years party, but I have never really played the game and don't know what would be a good starting character. So what are some good characters for a noob to pick? Who would you say are the most "pick up and play" friendly characters?

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So you understand cross-ups, linking, double tapping, frame advantage, kara canceling, etc? 
Well, what do you need us for?
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You can go really far on very little with Blanka. Just don't pick Ryu or Ken. Everyone does that. Be different.
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@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" @IBurningStar:  You can go really far on very little with Blanka. Just don't pick Ryu or Ken. Everyone does that. Be different. "
Thank you very much. I was planning on going with Ken originally, but I think I will pick Blanka now. Just to be different.
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you should sign up to, theres alot of indepth tips for specific characters
good luck

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@Levianth: You can choose to fight people with equal or higher BP than you. It's not the best system, but if you choose equal you'll meet a lot of noobs. Also, don't jump or try flashy combos or you'll end up being like me. 
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@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" @IBurningStar:  You can go really far on very little with Blanka. Just don't pick Ryu or Ken. Everyone does that. Be different. "
I'm not claiming I know how to do them all, or that I'm an expert. I'm just saying I'm aware to some degree of what those are. That being said, are those really the most basic of skills to start learning with?
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Well no, not most of them. :P 
But right off the bat, you should know what a cross-up is. 
A cross-up is when you jump over your opponent at the right angle so that you hit them on the opposite side of their body. With most characters this is a medium kick. So you jump over them, hitting them on the opposite side from where you jumped from. This means they have to block from the other direction. Instead of just holding back like you would for a normal jump attack you have to block toward the direction the person originally came from. Does that makes sense? Kinda hard to get across in words. lol
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Just because no one else has said it yet.


New players tend to focus entirely on offense. Don't forget you can block. Don't forget there are 99 seconds on that clock. Don't try and mash out of every scenario just because that reversal window is like, 11 frames or some crazy amount.

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Okay, I've been reading and playing back and forth, and losing consistently. 
What are some good starter characters?

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@Levianth: Ryu is the best for fundamentals as far as I know. He can be strong both offensively and defensively and has good footsies etc.
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@Jack268: I kind of want to learn Ibuki, anything in specific I should note?
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Get demolished online like me!

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@Meteora: That's what I've been doing repeatedly. Surprisingly It's still kind of fun.
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@Levianth: I'm not really all that home with Ibuki, but this thread should explain a lot. 
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Just go into training mode, check out what moves your character's got (be different and pick someone who isn't Ryu or Ken, just pick someone you think looks cool) and then just go and have fun beating your friend. When you first get the game and especialy if it's your first fighting game you don't want to dive too deep on your first try because you won't be able to dive as deep as you want and it'll be a bit lame. 
Sometimes ignorance can make a fighting game super fun if you're playing with friends of equal ignorance. Just jump around with Honda or someone and do some headbutts and some punches and have fun! 
After that and once you get a feel for the game and how it plays you can start to get more serious about it, decide to repick character again perhaps and learn some more indepth ideas. 
Once you've had some fun jumping around then go and watch the videos in this thread. I watched em when I thought I wanted to get better and they really help a noob.

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Footsies and spacing are imperative, you need to know your character's optimum range and how to punish whiffed attacks. Start by punishing things with a sweep or a special move and worry about learning hard link combos later. I started off by learning combos and largely ignored the finer aspects of the game and paid for it. Also work on ambiguous crossups, they are really simple yet oh so deadly; a key part of being a decent street fighter player.
Btw, Ibuki is considered to be one of the harder characters to learn. I would start off using someone who is well rounded with average or above average health. Characters like Ryu, Bison, Balrog, Guile, Ken, Sagat, and Blanka all are great starter characters.

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Build more marines.

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@C0V3RT said:
" Build more marines. "
No, but seriously, Shoryuken has some good resources. I particularly like this video thread
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@dudeglove:  Thanks, maybe once I get more of a feel for the game I'll come play, I'm really good enough to start embarrassing myself publicly yet.
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@Levianth: Props for wanting to play Ibuki but she is like the second most complicated character in the game to learn.  Balrog is a really good starter character, his combos are limited and easy to understand and he's very linear in playstyle.  He can be played both defensively and offensively with ease.  Balrog players don't win with tricks, just with very good fundamentals.
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@Levianth said:
" Okay, I've been reading and playing back and forth, and losing consistently.  What are some good starter characters? "
The knee-jerk reaction is a shoto (Ken more often than Ryu), but I'd recommend Dhalsim. His pokes are awesome, his EX yoga something or other is great anti-air (and is the only move you should ever waste your super bar on), fireballs aren't a worry as they can be yoga towered/slid under, and his teleports annoy the hell out of players online. Sim players are far more concerned with keeping the opponent at a distance than rushing them down (with, say, Ken), so you're playing a slower (and hopefully easier) game. Plus you don't see too many online.

Dhalsim's my personal fave, even though I stopped playing as him to try out Cammy and Gouken instead. The former is fun when you want to be incredibly annoying (the chip damage on Ultra 1 is ridiculous, and I've won so many matches on that alone), the latter is when you want to screw with the opponent's strategy with counters. Ironically Gouken is one of the worst matchups for Cammy because of that (he can counter most ultras).
Or you could just play as Sagat and spam fireballs (the so-called Tiger Assault Course).

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