Availability on GFWL Marketplace?

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Ho, Giant Bomb.
So, I've got an itch for some SSFIVAE on PC. However, I am low on USD at the moment, but happen to have a large stock of Microsoft Points (AKA Space Bucks) from when I found some points cards on sale. 
My question is: does anyone know if this game will be on the Games for Windows Live Marketplace so I can use those spacebucks to buy it?
The newest release they have is Alice: Madness Returns
I know it's a stupid reason to hold out, and I know the GFWL Marketplace is usually pretty scorned, but I feel I can make an exception.
This here blog post by Sven over at Capcom Unity says that there are 16 other distributors. I imagine GFWL Marketplace is one of those, right?
Is there some sort of time-exclusive deal going on?

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It's up on the US version of the site, at least. Could be another Blazblue: CT PC situation (the only version of GfWL Marketplace stocking it is the US site until a couple years later when Canada gets it) or it could be a case that it's not available because it's not out everywhere yet.
Or it could be an effect of Microsoft closing down GfWL Marketplace and moving the PC games to Xbox.com.

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