can Arcade-Edition players jump in on us SUPER players?

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what happend to super street fighter 4 on ps3? i havent play for a long time cause my fat ps3 broke. now come back after 11,12 months and wait long for someone to jump in during arcade mode, rank match enabled. back then it was like one after another jumping in nonstop. now this is like one person jump in..... wait... beat 4 cpu and finally another perosn jump in.... beat 4 cpu and so on.

is this due to everyone switch to arcade edition? meaning Arcade-Edition players cannot jump in on SUPER players during arcade mode rank match enabled?

edit: wow beat 7 cpu and no one jump in! whats up???? is it my end? internet? cant be.

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AE is a different game, the balance of characters has changed. So unless the AE player is SPECIFICALLY searching for a regular SSFIV online match, they will not be matched up with you.

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so theres an option for Arcade Edition players to search to fight for SUPER players or not. by default they fight with Arcade Edition players.

if this is true, no wonder SUPER takes slower for challenger to jump in. they all flock to Arcade Edition.

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@AnnouncerGXZ: i don't know why, though. i bought arcade edition and it sucked, so i went back to super.

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@AnnouncerGXZ I dont know what your problem is i usually just play super and i have AE on the PS3 and find plenty of matches even with arcade request... What region are you in?
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I never get in anything using quick match, but I use custom match and I set the option to both versions, so yeah it just depends on how it was set by the player searching..

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nevermind i just play today which is weekend and it is one after another no cpu break while in arcade mode rank match enabled. maybe yesterday i have bad internet or bad time everyone sleeping.

yeah the network mode searching never been working for me ever since i first bought regular street fighter 4. super is the same. i always go arcade mode rank match enabled.

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