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Hi guys
I have never been able to man characters like Blanka because nearly all their moves require a 'charge'. Because I have started wkith the series at SSFIV, i presume that the knowledge of how to perform a charge is considered a pre-requisite. As such, it does not detail the how to in the manual. Is anyone able to shed any light on this mystery?
Thanks :)

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You hold a direction (like back or down) for a second or two and then press in the opposite direction while pressing a punch or kick key.

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You can also charge immediately after doing any move, which is why you can see some people doing charge moves at what seems incredibly quick. If you remember that you will soon be doing charge moves in quick succession.
For attacks that require a downwards charge you can also charge by holding down forward, which can be useful for Blanka with his hop and Guile with his flash kick juggle combos from a standing roundhouse.

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As soon as you jump, charge in the direction that is indicated for move, hit with jumping attack, maybe a couple other attacks, then unleash the charge attack that had time to buffer during that period of time. Charge management is very important to a charge character.

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I always had trouble with characters like that until just recently. Maining Chun-Li in MVC3 sorta 'taught' me with the spinning bird kick.

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