Competing tomorrow in GBTNT SSFIV? - Names so we recognize you!

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#51 Posted by SolidestChimp (158 posts) -

Psn: Matkey        there on my fl have i missed the ps3 run??

#52 Edited by KingBroly (1699 posts) -

Man, their 360 friends list is already full :( 
Hey, shouldn't the OP stipulate whether or not we're on XBL or PSN?  Could get confusing.

#53 Posted by SolidestChimp (158 posts) -
@KingBroly:  yeah it would make it a lot easier has the ps3 run started btw i had 2 go out before so hope i havent missed it :D
#54 Posted by AjayRaz (12722 posts) -


#55 Posted by KingBroly (1699 posts) -

Looks like I'll be stalking my 360 tonight with a FR to send to them while it's going on.

#56 Posted by GTCknight (726 posts) -

Will try to for the hell of it. Good chance I'll just end up dead though. 
My Gamertag is GTCknight yeah the same I know.
#57 Posted by Wes899 (2180 posts) -

My PSN is Ravioli_Sumo. GBTNT accepted my friend request, so maybe I'll be playing. My connection is kinda terrible, so we'll see if I can even connect. If not, oh well.

#58 Posted by YetiAntics (1520 posts) -

#59 Posted by LiquidPrince (16634 posts) -

The stream is about to start. Make sure to look out for your fellow Giantbombers!

#60 Posted by Heartbreak (294 posts) -

Darn full list, can't believe I missed this

#61 Posted by jakob187 (22497 posts) -

I would love to take my Juri onto a live stream, but I've sadly gotta work.  I think my buddy might join up for it, though.

#62 Posted by LiquidPrince (16634 posts) -

First thing that happened... Ajay gets kicked XD

#63 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19833 posts) -

Jeffsekai's owning that group...  Man, I wish I could have gone against him there.

#64 Posted by ocdog45 (712 posts) -

any ps3 players out there, its ocdog45 SN. lets all get together

#65 Posted by 617_jbug (459 posts) -

I had gotten a request to join their session but it would not connect.

#66 Posted by Jeffsekai (7156 posts) -
@FluxWaveZ said:
" Jeffsekai's owning that group...  Man, I wish I could have gone against him there. "
#67 Posted by KingBroly (1699 posts) -

I didn't get to play, but I sent an EXTRA EARLY Friend Request for next week.  I'm sure it'll be purged by the end of the night, though.

#68 Posted by LiquidPrince (16634 posts) -

Fuck I'm so pissed. They selected me, but I couldn't connect. ARGH!

#69 Posted by KingBroly (1699 posts) -

I was happy to see the many Cammy players kicking ass.

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