Hey all you guys who are good at photoshop

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This is shameful, but I was wondering if anyone could make me a template using the round 1 template with this:http://th00.deviantart.net/fs8/PRE/i/2005/309/6/c/Earthbound___Ness_PK_Flash_by_Jonner.jpg (without the little logo on the bottom right) and a nice background and just some text at the bottom right saying "demontium" (no caps). I'd really appreciate it if someone could do this considering that I dont have a computer that can run photoshop, nor am I capable of making this kinda stuff anyways. Thanks in advanced.

Here is the PSD template: http://static.capcom.com/streetfighter/MadCatz/MadCatzFightStickTE_PanelTemplate.psd

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I think your first link is broken, bro-jam.

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@musclerider said:

I think your first link is broken, bro-jam.

Thanks haha fixed

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