Official Match Videos Thread

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@GetEveryone said:
" @mubress: Good stuff. Pretty awesome execution on both your parts. Sagat's kara-srk was pretty badass. Nice to see you rocking ken, too. "
I recently played with a bunch of characters so I could get the C rank achievement, but when I reached C with Ken I just kept playing with him. I'd forgot how fun he can be.
And yeah, kara srk beats all!! ;)
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@mubress: Same, man. Since I forgot my SSF4 disc, I've been playing a lot of vanilla. Felt like playing Ken since that's who I mained back then. He is totally wild: FTK is such a tricky little tool.  
Can't wait for those AE changes. Links from for days.
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Highlights from some casual Vanilla SFIV games with VicRattlehead. That games still good! 

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@mubress: it was fun... i love dans backdash animation.... its so funny 
go get super ;p
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Man I've kinda stopped playing street fighter. But i love the giantbomb Street fighter community :D used to do those endless fights every night :3 

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@VicRattlehead: I think our match shows how great Dan is in the right hands ;) ggs! 
@turbomonkey138 said:
" Man I've kinda stopped playing street fighter. But i love the giantbomb Street fighter community :D used to do those endless fights every night :3  "
That's my main beef with MvC3 right now (in addition to getting my ass whipped) lobbys just seem pointless when you can't watch the other guys fight. I know you couldn't in vanilla SFIV but once they put it in in Super it's just crazy not to add it in Marvel. I guess it must be harder than you'd think?
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@mubress:   It is crazy for Capcom don't to include a spectator made.  Keep in mind though, the MvC 3 team and the SSFIV team are different.
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@JJOR64: Yeah it's a real shame the SFIV team couldn't pass on what they'd learnt, so many little problems with Marvel that could easily have been resolved :( 
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@mubress:   Welcome to Japanese game development.   :/
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  This seems like some kind of confirmation to the DLC thing. 
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Watching this is just painful. I feel for the gief player:

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I decided that since AE PC is out, I'd bust out fraps and be an attention whore. Embedded my playlist, as is, in YouTube.

Apparently I also ran into JJOR64 in Ranked.

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@Amp: Good stuff. I like the mod on the last stage, not sure I'd want to play on it myself but it was cool to watch ;)
We need to get more matches in this thread. I'll try and post some of mine when I have time.
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@mubress: It's not a mod.

Go into "Graphical Settings" and turn "Stage Detail" to Low.

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@Amp: I don't have AE on PC but thanks anyway.
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What happend with that GB players highlight video. Are you still doing that?
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@thegoldencat7 said:
@mubress: What happend with that GB players highlight video. Are you still doing that?
I don't have the time to get it going, plus there wasn't that much interest when I made the thread. Might just do some "best of" videos for some of the regular players on the forums but again that depends on getting the replays and everything which can be a pain. I can record in HD now though which might encourage more people to get involved.
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Ah right, fair enough. 
A 'best of' video for me would last about 18 seconds.
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@thegoldencat7: Rofl, the good thing about highlights videos is that you can make almost anyone look good ;)
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I'm trying to improve with Fei Long, here's a few games against a good Akuma player. Links to the start of each game are in the video description.

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Hi all ! I play this game for 4 days and decided to make a channel on YouTube with some fun battles. I'm just a beginner so do not be so strict =)   If u like it see more on my channel !

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@OlehBubalehWTM: You have over 4000bp with Ken and you've only been playing 4 days?! Man this game must be easier than I thought.
If I can make a suggestion the music is a bit overpowering, not saying you have to get rid of it but personally I like to hear the game sounds etc. Good stuff anyway :)
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@OlehBubalehWTM: Jesus man, I have been playing various shoto characters for about 100 hours now and I only have 1500 something BP with Ken.

I must be really bad at this game.

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Very good Juri player. Links to the start of each match are in the youtube description.

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Went to the DFW Bar Fights 5 tournament in Dallas yesterday. Went 3-2 overall, which I could not be more stoked about, since every other Bar Fights I've been to I went 0-2. And DFW_Jay was there to be awesome and record whatever matches he could, and caught two of mine.

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@Amp: Good stuff, nice Guy play :)
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Watch until the end of this match and you'll get a SUPER reward!!!............................ It was the first time I hit that combo in a match ;)

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@mubress: Yo, if you want some help making that best of GB video, I'm your man, I love making some good videos.

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@Baillie said:

@mubress: Yo, if you want some help making that best of GB video, I'm your man, I love making some good videos.

The reception from people here on the forums wasn't that strong and a community video relies on people contributing stuff so I gave up on the idea.

Might try and resurrect it when the 2012 update comes out and I'd certainly appreciate any help, thanks for the offer :)

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@mubress: Well, maybe we could set up a topic asking people to sign up if they want to be included into the montage, doing so we will add them to our watch list/replay channel. Then they can just save the videos they enjoy and we cap them? If that sounds like too much effort for you, I don't mind picking up the hard graft, I ain't got much better to do.

Keep me posted, bro.

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@Baillie: Started a thread a while ago in which I mention that I would be able to record, but maybe I didn't make it obvious enough. There were a few of the PS3 crowd interested but I can't record from PS3 so unless you can do that maybe we should try it on 360 only?

The reason I made the topic was because I wanted to see the GB forum players represented, I don't mind who makes the video so long as it gets made :) Feel free to resurrect the thread if you want to see if people are still interested, or maybe just start fresh, might make things easier.

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I'm a big fan of how this played out.

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