Part 2 of SSF4 AE v2012 changes from Japanese dev team

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Part two of the AE changes being translated as we speak. Will continue to update this thread till it's fully translated. English translations taken from EventHubs. The first list of changes can be found HERE.


• The blog states Gouken has received the largest adjustments so far.

• Gouken's Denjin Hadouken (Ultra 2) has received many changes. You can charge up this move faster by rotating the joystick in 360 degree motions now, just like Ryu could in SF3 Third Strike with his Denjin Fireball.

There are three speed-ups and five damage levels, with the charge times as follows:
Level 1 – 13 frames
Level 2 – 17 frames
Level 3 – 37 frames
Level 4 – 57 frames
Level 5 – 80 frames

• His Denjin can be sped up to up to twice its normal speed and powered up now. Also, 45 more damage added to all the "levels" of Denjin Hadouken charges. Charge times are now the same regardless of the amount of your ultra gauge.

• All of Gouken's Running Palms got altered. Hitbox size on Light Running Palm increased. Medium Palm Strike has been changed to be the same as Light Palm Strike in SSF4. Hard Palm Strike has been changed to be the same as Medium Palm Strike was in Super.

• Gouken's counters have a larger counter-box, so it will be easier to intercept attacks. Stun for each counter increased from 150 to 200.

• Active frames on cr.HP increased.

• The character-specific problem with cl.MP, cr.HP xx EX Running Palm not connecting has been fixed.

T. Hawk

• During Crouching Hard Kick, T. Hawk's head is invincible, so he can duck under things such as Sagat's High Tiger shots. Also, the blockstun for this attack has been increased by 2 frames to stop people from jumping away from the 2nd hit.

• The body press command normal (down + HP) can now be used during a neutral jump.

• Thrust Peak (Down-Torward + LP) has less frame disadvantage on hit, now it's -2 on hit.

• Medium Tomahawk Buster is now airborne at the beginning, which means the move is throw invincible.

• Condor Spire's input shortcut was improved, but the blog didn't say how.


• Pushback from his close Standing Hard Kick has been shortened, to allow a follow up close attack when it hits properly.

• Close Medium Punch now starts up in 5 frames. This was 6 in Arcade Edition.

• Crouching Hard Kick now starts up in 10 frames. This was 11 in Arcade Edition.

• The combo cl.HK, cl.MP, cr.MP xx EX Dankukyaku is now possible.

• Reduced the height limit on Air EX Dankukyaku (Dan Kicks), they can be done from the 7th airborne frame now. Stun was reduced to a maximum of 250.

• Dragon Punch, FADC, EX Air Dankukyaku can be done now.

• Hard Kick Dankukyaku now deals 130 damage instead of 120.

• Dan's Jumping and Crouching Taunt build meter now. 70 on hit, 30 on block.

• Dan's Super Hissho Buraiken has been altered so that it's harder for characters to have hits whiff against them. However, the blog notes this buff won't work if you activate from too far away.


• Crane stance cr.HP now only receives 1.25 counter hit damage when Gen is hit.

• Increased the active frames of Crane Crouching Hard Kick by 5.

• The final hit of Medium Kick Gekiro builds 10 more meter than before.

• Also the final hit of all Gekiros now perform untechable knockdowns.

• EX Jyasen now has three different versions. Activated with (LP + MP, LP + HP, MP + HP). The distance each travels and the damage each deals varies.

• EX Jyasen is completely projectile invincible from beginning to end.

• All versions of Jyasen now cause 4 more frames of hitstun when the second to last hit connects or is blocked.

• Mantis Ultra 2 (Shitenketsu) has reduced startup from 9 to 7 frames.


• Fixed the hitbox on the EX Hurricane Kick. cr.LK cr.LP cr.HP xx EX Hurricane will always work now.

• EX Fireball damage increased. Level 1 release now does 120, Level 2 release does 130.


• Tanden Stream damage reduced to 340.

• The damage from Seth's cr.HP into Ultra 1 has been altered in terms of overall damage distribution.

• Angled jumping HP now has four more active frames. Overall frame data in terms of startup and recovery were not changed.

• Neutral jump medium kick now has lower body invincibility after the active frames finish.

• Sometimes when hitting someone with Seth's jumping Hard Kick, recoil would prevent Seth from comboing into Crouching Light or Medium Punch. This has been fixed.


• Hard Kick Spiral Arrow's hit properties are back to how they were in SSF4 console (Note: In AE when you combo into Hard Kick Spiral Arrow, sometimes Cammy will go under your opponent and switch... which is especially bad when you've successfully pushed him into the corner).


• Crouching Hard Punch returned to Super status where you could use it as an anti-air.

• All Tornado Throws do 10+ more damage. Light: 160, Medium: 180, Hard/EX: 200

• You can FADC the second low hit of Change of Direction now. And that dashing forward afterwards and doing a cr.HP into Ultra works just as fine as if you had FADCed from the first hit. That leaves you at +9 after dashing forward.


• If you use Ultra 2 as an anti-air, you get a bit more damage than before, 236.

• The follow up Light Kick (Flip) attack after doing an Medium Messiah Kick will combo now. It didn't combo before in Arcade Edition.

El Fuerte

• Invincibility returned on Tortilla, like it was in vanilla SF4. It's invincible after startup now.

• Reduced charge time on EX Quesadilla Bomb, it takes 210 frames to charge it now.

• EX Quesadilla Bomb on counter-hit does a wallbounce.

• Fixed the fact that some characters fell out of his RSF (Run Stop Fierce) loop due to recoil.

• Crouching Light Punch can be chain cancelled into other light attacks.


• Demon Flip Punch attack no longer an overhead (Note: This was one of the few buffs in AE I think), so you can now block low for that.

• Forward throw recovery has had two more frames added after an opponent has been thrown.

• When you cancel a teleport into U2, the damage has been increased to 421.

Fei Long

• Recovery frames for the second hit of Rekkas (Light, Medium and Hard) have been changed.

On block:
Light: -8
Medium: -10
Hard: -12

• Second hit Rekkas have less pushback now, so it's easier to punish on block.

• For light and medium Rekka Kens, the second hit does half as much chip damage.

• Flame Kick's damage has been revised.
Light: 120 -> 110 Medium: 140 -> 120 Hard: 160 -> 150 EX: 200 -> 190

• If you FADC a Flame Kick (any version) after the first hit, on block it is now -1.

• Hard Kick Chicken Wing's damage has been revised. It is now 35+35+30 for a total of 100.

• They've modified the hitboxes of all Chicken Wings in a way that they're less likely to cross-up (Translator's note: but still possible). Apparently previously you could perform "half a loop combo" against certain characters by doing close standing MP -> EX Chicken Wing. That won't be possible anymore.

• For both close standing and far standing LP, hitstun has been decreased by 1 frame. On hit it is now +5, so you can't combo into certain moves now.

• Crouching MP's damage has been reduced from 65 to 55.

• Damage for his overhead (Torward + MK) has been increased from 60 to 70.


• Soul Spark meter gain raised by 10, it's 30 now.

• Soul Satellite's (Ultra 2) startup frames reduced from 7 to 5.

• Soul Piede (Toward + Hard Kick) changed to Vanilla properties.

• Close Standing Medium Kick is +4 on hit, making it easier to combo into Crouching Light Punch, as well as making it possible to combo into Crouching Medium Punch. This move was +3 on hit in AE.

• Fixed some bug with Crouching Medium Kick counterhits.
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Updated the list a bit.

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@JJOR64: Cool, thanks for posting.
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Look at the big fat list for Dan. Damn...

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I believe the translations are done or mostly done now for the post. Tomorrow should be the final blog entry.

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I guess the Rose changes are ok. I'm especially happy about the Close Standing MK thing. It's usually a good way to get Crouch techers and will be even more usefull if I can actually get a combo out of it, 
Still would've liked to have seen Ultra 1 to be more useful, it's still a sub-par punisher and a bitch to combo into. Also wished that her bread and butters weren't all 1-frame links, but I'll take any buff she can get!
Thumbs up!

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im glad they put HK spiral arrow back to how it was... but thats it? you forgot about her dive kick capcom :|

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The changes on Abel are awesome, he's got his command grab being powerful again instead of useless in AE. The fact you can FADC low hit/grab in case your opponent blocks it during change of direction is awesome. Before it was just FADC for his first hit in the change of direction.

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Hey they nerfed Fei. Now lets see what they do with the Twins >.>

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on Cammy:

Thats it?

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I though seth would lose his health, so im pretty happy.

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