Shameless plug for my youtube channel / SSF4 AE Commentary

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Basicly a shameless plug of my channel.

My channel on youtube was created (mainly) to teach bisons some new tricks mixups and explain things. But it also shows the mindset I have in games and the way I play. (I have been told I have helped a few great bisons for my earlier vids of sf4, which makes me feel good as that is what I wanted lol)

I bought SSF4AE a while ago for steam and I am taping all the games I am playing in ranked. 1 goal is to hit number 1 on leaderboards (PP) I have called this set of vids "Road to the top"

I have a pritty high level bison and am starting to do commentary on my vids, people have given me some great feedback saying it's quite insitefull so im just posting here to get more exposure bascily.

This is my channel

If you like what you see, sub and fave. If you have any insite don't be afriad to comment
New video I am trying SSF4 AE - LETS PLAY (CHARACTER NAME HERE) So far has had good receptions so will probley continue this! 
  I also do tutorials for total begginners
  As well as more advanced
  Also some post match commentary
  So yeh that's a taste of my channel! If you like what you see, head on over for more! I try to upload every other day. So stay tuned! <3
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I'll listen to a british person play a game I've never tried yes yes i will

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LOVED your double KO in that "Let's Play Evil Ryu" video!  "Will it work??? Oohhhhhh!!"

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Nice channel, you have a new subscriber!

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I'll watch this

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@IItRueII: Shameless lock of youtube spam! Sorry mate, we can't have people creating accounts just to plug their youtube channels, as that spams up the forums. If you want to plug your videos then I suggest you head over to the SF4 forum and get involved, then maybe post some videos in your blog and I'm sure people will check them out. Good luck!


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