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This topic was made over on the regular SF4 forums and I thought I would bring it back to the SSF4 forums. Everyone show what you use to play SSF4 with. Be it pad, SE, or TE sticks. I'll start things off with my SE stick I modded. 

Modded it from part I got from lizard lick. Messed up the button prompt for the O and Square buttons, but other than that I think it turned out well.
Edit: For the one complainer here is the link to the old board. But post your sticks in here instead since no one goes on the old game fourm anymore.
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Modded SE Fightstick
There it is, again.  I'm definitely making a semi-custom (saying semi as I'll be buying the case pre-made) next year as it's a school project of mine, so I'm looking forward to the hours of frustration that that will entail.
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@ricetopher: I about got that one, but got the original TE one instead.  It was like $30 less.  I thought that one was pretty cool!
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MUCH larger thread made.  
For people miss understanding. Meaning there are more fight sticks to look at as well as this thread. 
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@FluxWaveZ said:
" @The_Laughing_Man said:
" MUCH larger thread made.  "
Yeah, op knew already. "
Meaning there are more sticks to look at. Since OP did not link it. 
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I have a plain ass TE stick.    :(

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@lordofultima said:
" @The_Laughing_Man said:

" MUCH larger thread made.  "

In a different forum, no one visits the SF4 boards anymore. "
Lol. It is so people can see other sticks as well
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@The_Laughing_Man said:
" @lordofultima said:
" @The_Laughing_Man said:

" MUCH larger thread made.  "

In a different forum, no one visits the SF4 boards anymore. "
Lol. It is so people can see other sticks as well "
Dude, just shut up.
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@Napalm said:
" @The_Laughing_Man said:
" @lordofultima said:
" @The_Laughing_Man said:

" MUCH larger thread made.  "

In a different forum, no one visits the SF4 boards anymore. "
Lol. It is so people can see other sticks as well "
Dude, just shut up. "
I have no reason to. 
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I only use a ps3 dualshock sixaxis. I enjoy SSFIV, but not enough for me to invest any more cash towards it than its initial price.

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This was when i first did it...  Its a little more, um, "battle-tested" now.
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@PantyshotMQN: Who did the art?
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the layout and the way it is?  Its a wallpaper i found online, the only thing i did was enlarge and mirror one side, and just pasted Cammy on there.
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@PantyshotMQN: Love the colour scheme of your fightstick. The green buttons look slick.
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Got one of these last week. All its helped me do so far is flail around like an imbecile, and lose a lot. (Business as usual then.) 
I'll get the hang of it eventually.
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Just ordered the white Super TE stick from They were in the weekly special deals for £100 so I thought why not. Thinking about modding the artwork to have the whole cast of the Megaman style graphics that some GB users are using as avatars.

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awesome makoto fightstick!

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This was my surprise birthday present.
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Got it at PAX 09.
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Currently using my own Cammy custom stick again.  maple case, Sanwa JLF, Seimitsu buttons, etc:

Cammy Stick

The board was broken for a while, was using a friend's custom for a bit, and an SE while at his house.  Maybe i'll make a new one this year,  :)
More pics of the other customs I've done in my profile pics, as usual, and buried on the last pages.  :)
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Here's mine. I'm a minimalist by nature so I took the generation 1 stick painted it reveresed B&W, added some Water based urethene on it so it doesn't rub off and that it'.. I also did some custom work on it to have replaceable USB cables and such.. If anyone is interested I'll post those pics too.

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my two sticks. i made my friend a WoW one the other day too.
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Anyone have a Final Fight design? Looking for some custom inspiration!

Yay Super.
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Only change since I took the pic is that the dust cover is now clear instead of black. 
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Timewaster 1.0

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@EvilGreenDevil: That shiz is the sexy son.
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If you see me online in a fighting game this is what im rolling with.
No modding necessary.  This stick is bad ass.
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Okay...this isn't mine but Capcom posted in on twitter I think.
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Nothing special here.  I hope to customize it one day, but seems the only help me thread I could find was for the TE stick.  I'm no pro, so I ain't going to go around fiddling with this thing without proper direction...
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Signs point to me possibly getting a TE stick, although price is a big issue. Hunting around and the best I've found is $120.
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shit sucks
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This is my first "mod" standard eddition 
sanwa buttons from lizard lick kept the same stick which i will replace (maybe just start with a bat top then think about actually changing the stick itself) 

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@EvilGreenDevil:  That stick is awesome. How did you get the buttons to blend with the art like that.
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@Killroycantkill: Seimitsu skeleton buttons allow you to put the pieces of art in the button itself.
#37 Posted by Killroycantkill (1561 posts) -
@lordofultima: That's cool. Thanks for the info Ultima.
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@lordofultima:  Are there any noticeable performance differences between Seimitsu and Sanwa buttons?
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@Viney212: They're less sensitive, so if you slam your buttons all the way down you won't notice any difference, they do feel a little weird for me. But great buttons nonetheless.
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i just picked up a SE stick myself      how hard would it be to customize it with new art, buttons, etc

#42 Posted by Killroycantkill (1561 posts) -
@FreedomToast: Not hard at all. When I modded my SE stick to the Makoto stick I thought it would be a pain but it's really easy. Suprisingly the hardest part for me was printing the art because the store I went to kept scaling down my image, so I had to go to my local University since they print directly from photoshop. But most print stores will do it fine. Seems like they do it right for everyone else but me LOL.
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There it is in all of its glory... I want to change it up after I get back home though...

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@Apathylad said:
Okay...this isn't mine but Capcom posted in on twitter I think. "
Best way to hold this one is between your legs   ;)
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@Killroycantkill: As Ultima said they are Seimitsu buttons. Having the artwork cut perfectly to fit in without messing up is pretty clutch. I also have a plexi glass cover over the artwork so I can change it whenever I want.  
@AniMoney said:
" @Viney212 said:

" @lordofultima:  Are there any noticeable performance differences between Seimitsu and Sanwa buttons? "     Sanwa is a little more sensitive, or so I've heard. "
From my experience I would agree. I had the TE stick for over a year before switching to Seimitsu buttons and it was a little different. I think the Sanwas are definitely more sensitive--you can drum your fingers over them lightly and still get input recognized. The Seimitsu stick out a little more and take a littler more pressure to register but after playing with them, they seemed to have broken in a bit. Looking back I could really go either way because it really doesn't make a difference. 
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I'm thinking of getting a TE or Hori stick soon. Just so I have two for when friend come over. If I get it I'm most likely gonna mod it and I'll post it here.

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pssst. Somebody should totally make me some sweet ass Dhalsim art.

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Oh hey this thread...since I last posted, this happened:


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i want one of this sticks but so far i'm good with my sixaxis

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I need to get around to finally ordering some new buttons and painting my so I can post it on here.

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