TNT 6-16-11 Super Street fighter AE

#1 Posted by drowsap (683 posts) -

So I had to work today and missed TNT, happens to me a lot. Well normally I can just watch the replay on JustinTv but the archive is not there for this one. So I was wandering if it was done on another stream or did the archive mess up if so any word on if it will be put up on giantbomb. sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Thanks for any response

#2 Posted by Rmack (1078 posts) -

Apparently they had to do it on Ustream tonight, as JustinTV was undergoing maintenance. Not sure where exactly that archive is though, sorry buddy.

#3 Posted by drowsap (683 posts) -

@Rmack: bummer well i guess ill wait for the archive post on giantbomb thanks for the info

#4 Posted by Robin_Gr (135 posts) -

Is there anywhere non-members can watch an archive of this?

#5 Posted by bolognarock (171 posts) -
@Robin_Gr: I've been asking that same question for the past few days. It seems that nobody has an answer, but I looked on ustream and it isn't there.....
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You can't. You will have to pony up $5 and go.

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