Will the DLC work?

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Thinking of bidding for the Super Classic alt costume pack on Ebay and found one for cheap. But its in the UK. 
Will the UK code work on my PS3? 
I assume it would if i have a UK account, but just wondering if anyone knows if it will work on a US account?
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Sorry, couldn't tell ya.  I'm just waiting for the pack with Rose's alt.  God, I'm gonna have to drop $4 just for one character...DAMMIT!!!  lol.

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Are they going to bring out a COmbo pack like they did for 4?

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i think and many people seem to have reported this that some ps3 dlc is region locked so i would say don't risk it and wait since is a timed exclusive, meaning it’ll eventually become available to everyone
and yes there will be a bundle with all costumes in the future some dude posted the dates in a thread with all the 35 new costumes

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@PantyshotMQN: I had the same problem after someone gave me their code. You can't move the costume packs between accounts. They don't save as game data, so they don't appear in both, and obviously the download only appears in the UK account list. Pisser, eh?

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