Worth trying to get back into this game?

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Haven't played much since a few months after Super came out but been paying attention to the competitive scene since before and after that (competitive gaming fascinates me, even if I don't play the game).

With the release of AE, I'm thinking about trying to jump back in since I'm sure I there'll be a bunch of new blood and I might possible win a round or two occasionally.

Should I give it a go? I used to main Balrog who I hear has been nerfed but used to play a lot of Dee Jay in Super Turbo and heard he got buffed a bunch in AE (still not top tier, but more viable at least).

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It depends on how you feel about online play mostly. I didn't like SF4 but I still gave SSF4 a chance and enjoyed it because of the addition of characters i would use alot in SF3 and SF:Alpha. If you have 15 dollars to spend, I would say you should go for it. 
EDIT: OR you can wait a bit and get Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online

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While there is "new blood", they are in the minority and I rarely come across any, those I do come across always go for Evil Ryu. The changes are very insignificant if you don't play the game at a high level. I would only suggest buying it if you are going to play seriously.

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I say go right ahead and give it a go.  Sure there are still a lot of good people on there, but you can always find people of your skill level here on Giant Bomb.

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No one is ass anymore, so you have to work for every single win online, but it's definitely worth getting back into the mix. Also, balrog was indeed nerfed, but he remains one of the best characters in the game. Still top 10 at the least.
Maybe there will be a surge of newer players once it lands on disc, but everyone who bought the DLC seems to be good.

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I think I will try and give this one another go, at least playing Super again before I decide if I want to get AE.

What's the GB SF community like? How would I go about hooking up with players from here that either aren't super good and will destroy me or will at least be nice and friendly about it?

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@JokerSmilez: If you play on 360, you can add me.  Just a fair warning, I'm pretty good at the game.
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I'm thinking about picking this game up too but don't want to get trashed constantly online. Does the game have any sort of skill based matchmaking system in place, to ensure I play against noobs like myself?

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@MetalMoog:  there is a matchmaker, but to be honest there isn't really many "noobs" that still play.
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Hmmm. I may not be as big of a noob at this as I initially thought. First night online I managed to hold my own. I lost the first match, and won the next five. Good to know all those years playing Street Fighter II have helped a little.

Based on my experiences, I would tell people not to worry about jumping in and getting this game, there are a lot of noobs still playing.

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Is that right?  I was thinking about getting the AE disc when it comes out, but the only Street Fighter experience I have is a tiny bit of vanilla SF4, so that's a bit more reassuring.
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@ShadowKing7 said:

@MetalMoog: Is that right? I was thinking about getting the AE disc when it comes out, but the only Street Fighter experience I have is a tiny bit of vanilla SF4, so that's a bit more reassuring.

If that's the only experience you have, you're going to have trouble. You'll get the occasional guy who mashes buttons, but most people I play against seem to know what they're doing. Even if they aren't the best with one character, you can see from their techniques and how they play that they have an understanding of the game and what's going on.

I'm not saying you shouldn't jump back in, but the chances of finding an easy target, or at least someone of comparable skill, will be quite slim.

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