drunknspider's Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) review

Super Rip off....

Super Street Fighter 4 could've been a download, plain and simple. The "rebalancing" that everyone speaks of means that basically all of the original fighters that were the best to use are now garbage. The only thing I can compare Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Honda to in this game is anal rape during dental work. Zangief is the only character who was cheap in the original that they actually left in tact, which isn't saying much considering he was the worst in the original. The new fighters are simply faster, stronger and are completely lacking this "balance". The new characters are really the only decent addition to this game, which half of the 10 are just clones of current fighters. Everything else is just filler which really doesn't deserve the $40 price tag, I would've been a lot happier just getting the extra 10 characters as a download and leave out the rest. The story mode is identical to the original as well, which there really isn't anything to accomplish out of playing it anyways, aside from some achievements and additional colors. All of the characters are unlocked at the beginning which is kind of a double edged sword, yes it gives you a variety to pick from but really leaves playing the solo game pointless. The fight request feature in this is also broken, you now have 3 options. Ranked, Team or none, a player match option would have been nice. The online community also seems to have this unhealthy fixation on using Juri as well, who is the most unbalanced of the bunch, which has also become annoying. The only positive note I can really give this game is they did away with the obnoxious homo-erotic R&B music from 4, which you could turn off so this really isn't an upgrade.... So in closing I would recommend if you haven't picked up Street Fighter 4, save the extra $20 you'd spend on this one and get the original.
Posted by Rhaknar

and this is why user reviews are never taken seriously, and are overall useless

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lolwut @ review
I will at least say, I do agree with your sentiment about Player Match. It would have been nice to have that with Endless Match if you just wanted to do a specific one-on-one with someone.

Posted by Shaymarx

You soundf like an angry boy.  Just chill, relax.  Meditate on the word, and you will find peace.

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