mikeinsc's Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) review

Best Fighting Game Ever...Again

Capcom, yet again, brings its winning formula of having excellent 2-D fighters look 3-D to a gorgeous apex in Super Street Fighter IV. Easily the best animated fighting game I've ever seen, even moreso than the outstanding BlazBlue, SSFIV is the best fighting game in history and one that you cannot really do much to top.
The engine is very similar to the outstanding SFIV, with some of the same glitches and exploits (Zangief's spinning lariat is still able to win almost every single fight with virtually no problems on all difficulties). It's hard to really discuss the game because, in the end, it is a fighting game. There is no plot here. There is just animation and timing, both of which are amongst the greatest that this console generation has ever seen. The character choices are vast and not the usual palate-swap players as in other fighters, such as Tekken VI. 
Having played minimal online...I am terrible at the game, admittedly...I cannot really say if the game's occasional janky online code has been fixed. The few bouts I had didn' t experience lag, but I am also not good enough to notice the lag that a high level player would notice. It's a bit embarrassing to admit that you're not good enough to notice that there's a problem, but that is the boat we are in.
If you like fighting games at all, I recommend this highly. Even if you don't adore fighting games, it's playable. But don't waste your time with playing online. You will get viciously obliterated and that isn't fun for anybody.


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