thagrateone's Super Street Fighter IV (PlayStation 3) review

Not perfect, but good enough.

My complaints are minimal but make sense at least to me.  The Ultra Combos are not equal and some players have an advantage on hit power.   If you want to block damage on some people, a lot of times you have to be sitting right on them and still bounce off.  If you have a fireball throwing person the fireball will hit until gone.  Some characters just fly over and while crouching block don't get anything taken off.   It was the complaint I had from part 4 that I was hoping to be fixed in this version.  Over-all when you play with a group that you know in the new on-line features in this game you will have a lot of replay value to enjoy.  This title still has room for improvement like adding the alternative uniforms instead of making you pay extra.....but overall when installed it loads pretty quick and runs smooth.  I have been a SF fan for a long time and really enjoy the new addtions overall.  The $40 tag is ok....but the game is not 100% perfect for the perfect score.

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