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Like Street Fighter 4 but more super. Makes sense. 2

  Super Street Fighter 4 is Street Fighter 4 with more characters and things. Review done, goodnight everybody.    Truth be told, Super Street Fighter 4 is the kind of game where you can read the taglines and determine your purchase decision appropriately, without my input. There is no hidden swerve or game-breaking flaw here; the online play doesn’t have unbearable lag, the new characters are entertaining and accessible, and Ryu isn’t swapped out a quarter of the way through the game in favou...

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Suprisingly Awesome! 1

Its ComingInformation on Super Street Fighter IV was first accidentally leaked to the public when an image of the game’s producer, Yoshitori Ono, was featured in the German version of Gamepro. The picture was of a screen shot of T. Hawk with the Super Logo in the background of the photo.  From This leak discussion of the game exploded all over the internet, Was it an awesome download pack? what was it? WOW, more new stuff! The first official news left a little doubt in everyones minds howeve...

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Its the Battle of the Century! 0

    Street Fighter IV not only brought back the legendary franchise to amazing success, it made fighting games famous again as the community is now as strong as it ever was before. It was only a matter of time when Capcom decided to expand upon what the original game started by adding more of everything while balancing out what was in before. Super Street Fighter IV is that answer as a significant upgrade and enough to make the vanilla game obsolete. All the additions from the ten new characters...

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A very long review that can be summarised with "Buy this game" 0

  So Capcom sure love "upgrading" their games, huh?Capcom seem to be experts at changing things while still keeping them familiar. Or sometimes of keeping things the same but making them feel fresh (the recent Megaman games spring to mind). Street Fighter IV is a case of the former; it felt modern, slick and advanced yet still had the classic Street Fighter II feel rather than an (arguably) overly-complex and bloated feel like the Guilty Gear/BlazBlue series. It managed to update its look with 3...

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A Great Add-On To An Already Amazing Game 1

 Super Street Fighter 4 is a amazing add-on to an already great game. The changes they made from original Street Fighter 4 are really smart. The online has some really fun modes and great net code, new music is astounding, and the fighting has a lot of depth and is so much fun. Super Street Fighter 4 is the definitive fighting game of this generation.The offline modes, like the arcade mode, seem completely useless. I mean sure, you get to experience the AMAZING street fighter storyline. In Stree...

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Play it NOW! - Super Street Fighter IV 0

Play it NOW! - Super Street Fighter IV   Street Fighter IV was the fighting game for a new generation. Not only has it fleshed out the idea of what a 2.5D fighter can be, but it has sparked a revival of the genre. It is only suitable that Capcom, the father of 2D fighters, be the one to lead such an ambitious journey. Much like their previous installments, SSFIV is an expansion on the foundations laid in Street Fighter 4. Some gamers may be taken aback by the idea that they have to procure...

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THE WORD 'SUPER' AS NEVER BEEN MORE FITTING!The fighting genre is indeed back, and kicking butt better then ever. We have 2009's Street Fighter 4 to thank for that as much as any other game out there, and Capcomare following much adored traditions by providing eager fans with an upgraded version in the form of Super Street Fighter 4. But considering this is technically an extended version of last years game, is the 'super' in Super Street Fighter 4 really worth you spending more of your money on...

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Best Fighting Game I've Ever Played 2

As a newcomer to the 2D fighting game scene, I've spent about a month losing and getting my ass-kicked by online friends who are clearly superior to me. I've lost in many frustratingly close matches as well as in absolute blowouts where I stood no friggin' chance. Despite all that, this is quite possibly the most fun I've had on a 2D fighting game since Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  I'm writing this review as someone who has never played a Street Fighter game since SFII:SC Edition, and that is pret...

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Great game. 0

It's been years since I have bought a fighter but after seeing what was in this package and the price point I was convinced this would be a good purchase.  From the start you have all 35 of the characters unlocked and able to jump into the many different modes the game has to offer. It's unfair for me to compare this game to the last since I did not play it but from what I read they have added 10 new characters, some new levels and a better online experience. For someone who hasn't been in the f...

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Definitive Street Fighter 0

I don’t think it really comes as a shock or anything less than expected for Capcom to continue supporting the gamer through traditional franchises. The same is to be said for Super Street Fighter 4. I’d not give it more credit than I would any other re-issue, but to add ten characters and then balance it….the amount thought behind that goes way over my head. The ultimate juggling act that I feel most fighters pull off is making me feel like I can win going into any match. Just short of that make...

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The Definitive Current-Gen Street Fighter! 0

To a good number of folks, Super Street Fighter IV is a simple cash-in for Capcom.  To the fans and the hardcore fighters, Super Street Fighter IV is a thank-you letter to the fans.  Now most of you ask why the extra characters added now and not last year?  Why isn't it DLC?  Why not add in the extra online game modes as an update? We can go on and on and on.  Well, if you ARE thinking that way, why do games even have sequels if everything can just be downloaded into your HDD?  Street Fighter IV...

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the perfect fighter? 0

Ok with the release of the new tournament dlc for this game I felt a review was neccassary and let's get one thing straight I LOVE street fighter always have and always will, after putting in a total of 200 hours into street fighter 4 I was definetly ready for super street fighter 4. With 8 added characters two of them being comepletely new to the street fighter franchise, new competeitive online game modes, being able to spectate and the ability to watch users replays and save replays to your h...

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Take your Fighting into the Streets. 0

If some of you read my somewhat terribad review of Marvel VS Capcom 3, then you might remember I mentioned that I hadn’t picked up Super Street Fighter 4 when it came around. I’ll just cut the story short and get to the point: I ended up getting SSF4 on my 3DS yo.  And then I noticed it was one of the better games in the 3DS’ mediocre launch line-up. The foremost reason I’m saying is because the game takes advantage of every new feature in the 3DS – I’ve actually had better matches online then s...

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SSFIV: Steroids, Ultras, Gouken: Drug Lord. 1

Back in the old days, when street fighter was but a simple game about people in funny and sometimes homo-erotic costumes, beating the living crap out of each other, and gameboy screens were a weird blend of black, green and grey, I had my first real fighter experience. It was fun, and only had a handful of characters. This is the way I imagined these games would always be, as other titles, such as Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat, had a low count of characters and a very fun mode of play. And ...

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Diversity! 0

I did not enjoy the first game, simply because i felt that the characters, apart from looks, where not unique.  This time around though the developers did an excellent job of keeping things fresh and diverse, i salute you!  The character roster is bigger, and now its quality not just quantity too! The new characters are very well differentiated made so in a way that you have to adapt different play styles to master each one of them.  The older characters (and the new ones) were give a second ult...

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SSF4 - Less is more 0

     Street Fighter IV came out early last year, and revolutionized 2D/3D fighters, as Street Fighter tends to do. As one of the highest rated games of 2009, Street Fighter was once again deemed the true "King of Fighters". Over 15 months later, many have tried, but none have succeeded in capturing Street Fighter IV's massive commercial appeal. Can essentially bonus content justify shelling out an extra $40? Well, to put it simply - yes. And here's why.35 characters litter the field in SSF4, wh...

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Best Fighting Game Ever...Again 0

Capcom, yet again, brings its winning formula of having excellent 2-D fighters look 3-D to a gorgeous apex in Super Street Fighter IV. Easily the best animated fighting game I've ever seen, even moreso than the outstanding BlazBlue, SSFIV is the best fighting game in history and one that you cannot really do much to top.  The engine is very similar to the outstanding SFIV, with some of the same glitches and exploits (Zangief's spinning lariat is still able to win almost every single fight with v...

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Not perfect, but good enough. 0

My complaints are minimal but make sense at least to me.  The Ultra Combos are not equal and some players have an advantage on hit power.   If you want to block damage on some people, a lot of times you have to be sitting right on them and still bounce off.  If you have a fireball throwing person the fireball will hit until gone.  Some characters just fly over and while crouching block don't get anything taken off.   It was the complaint I had from part 4 that I was hoping to be fixed in this ve...

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no new challengers allowed 3

If I can explain Super Street Fighter IV briefly, it would be a very fun looking playground set, only with no building instructions and a large percentage of useless equipment.  I've been playing videogames for over 20 years; and while I admit I do not have a competitive personality, I feel I'm well rounded and adaptive to many genres.  The level of play gap is the fighting genre's greatest flaw, but I was lured in by SSFIV's nostalgia factor and colorful cast of characters.  Never in all my yea...

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AE review 0

AE adds 4 new characters. and it  modifies every single character in the previous game! the price is fiar IMO. and it breaths more life into SSF4.  The new characters are fun (not the most original Evil Ryu -_-)  none the less still lots of fun :)  for fighting games fans they already got this day 1. if you are not into fighting games that much. then it is the same experience as SSF4!   highly recommended for fighting games fans.  this is the most fun SF4 yet. ...

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Gutter Trash 0

is not what this game is.  in fact it is quite a masterpiece.  now i am going to come up with 100 words so that I am able to get credit for writng this review.  what advantages does this game have over a train, which I can easily afford? jam on it. jam on it. jam on jam jam jam jam jam on it.   SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE  FIN yo mama you daddy yo sistas a ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho  fine dhalsim is much improved in this street fighter iteration.  Yoga Shangrila is how they get ya....

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Solid 0

You will be hardpessed to find a fighting game to date on next gen systems that can rival this one. Easy to get into but hard to truly master, it caters to casual and hardcore, with a roster guaranteed to have a character that you will want to use to beat the hell out of someone else. There are tons of titles and icons, costumes and taunts to collect to keep you playing for ages. Now here are the little problems. No story mode, makes offline, a "head to training mode/trial mode, beat arcade mode...

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SUper as in super awesome! 0

my my, we got a winner here yes we do, Super Street fighter 4 is a BANG! for everything fun! replay! control! addictive! immersive! and just plain beautiful! its a bang for ur $ ur pocket will be smiling at u after u purchase this art of a game, its just not beautiful as Ive stated already its truly a fun game once u get the hang of how this game rolls, by then u wont know how to stop in a good way of course, overall ull really enjoy playing this title. 4.5 stars!...

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Super Street Fighter IV Review: World champion 0

Super Street Fighter IV is a fighting game masterpiece to put it simply. There are 10 new characters added to the game from Street Fighter IV in 09, along with new stages, a new announcer and new balance to the characters. With 35 characters, challenge and training modes, and a robust online selection, this game is the full package. Each character has a strongly individual feel when you play as them, and many have a unique fighting style. This results in matches feeling wildly different dependin...

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One Of The Absolute Best Fighting Games 0

I don't usually play fighting games, but I was compelled to buy this game. The last fighting games I played was Tekken 5 and I didn't really get into it. SSFIV suprised me and was easy to get into it even for a beginner like me. I learned some characters fairly quickly and pretty soon I tried the online play and I started to win some matches. The online matches for the most part are fast and there was no lag. The trial or challenge mode helped me to learn how to do combos it was a great addition...

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Perfect for fans, stunted for beginners 0

Even with a love of games and willingness to try out anything in hopes that it's good, I will admit that there is certain genres I just plainly suck at. The primary 2 are RTS (real-time strategy) and fighting games and unlike say, first person shooters which tend to rely on communication and teamwork, it's you and you alone and that makes it hard to get into these genres. So when I was playing Super Street Fighter IV and actually found myself losing several times against the AI....on Easy even, ...

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Super Rip off.... 3

Super Street Fighter 4 could've been a download, plain and simple. The "rebalancing" that everyone speaks of means that basically all of the original fighters that were the best to use are now garbage. The only thing I can compare Ryu, Ken, Akuma and Honda to in this game is anal rape during dental work. Zangief is the only character who was cheap in the original that they actually left in tact, which isn't saying much considering he was the worst in the original. The new fighters are simply fas...

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Super Street Fighter IV. 0

 This game is totally awesome. If you own an Xbox or a PS3, or PC or whatever, you should get this. You'll know why you did.   I was a huge fan of Street Fighter before 4, having owned the Anthology on PS2 and Street Fighter 2 on the XBLA. But Street Fighter 4 was a massive step up. It made me want to get serious about Street Fighter because combos just seemed so much more accessible thanks to the Trial system for each character. And also being able to play online (which worked very well)...

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Here Comes a New Challenger! 0

            Had you told me five years ago that fighting games and adventure games were some of the most beloved genres of 2011, I’d have laughed in your face. Laughed.   Yet here we are, in a world where the 3DS’ biggest launch title is a fighting game. Super Street Fighter IV 3D: Edition is as much a mouthful as it is a necessity for any 3DS owner.             Staying true to its page-long name, SSFIV3D emulates exactly what made it’s console counterpart special. If you’ve spent any amount o...

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Better game for a better price. 0

I didn't really play many fighting games until my friend opened me up to street fighter 4. It became my most played game. When Super came out, i bought it the first day it came out. It has more characters and more ways to play and it's 20 dollars cheaper. I love this game simply because of the competitive players all over the world. It is the most hardcore group of gamers that I have come across so far in my years of gaming. If you want a game that will test your skills, this is for sure  the ga...

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Defining the competitive line 0

Oni: He is... EVIL!!!!Following the many playtests, leaks, and months of a handful of arcades housing the actual arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV, the latest (and possibly final) iteration of Street Fighter IV now arrives onto consoles. Unlike the transition from Street Fighter IV to Super Street Fighter IV with its major overhaul in interface and features in addition to expanding, Arcade Edition is more of like icing on top of Super with a focus on tuning. Players who can't get enough ...

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Review: Super Street Fighter IV 0

  Well, this is a game that really doesn't need an introduction, Capcom's flagship fighting game pretty much created the genre with Street Fighter 2 In arcades and home consoles in the early nineties and was spoilt in GREAT SUCCESS. So much they made a horrible live action movie. Oh dear. More to the point, Last year the fighting game scene was revitalised, not only with Street fighter IV. But various other games Such as Arc System Works' Blazblue (creators of guilty gear), King of Fig...

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As It Turns Out Oil Makes Everything Better 0

Super Street Fighter IV is Capcom's budget priced "sequel" to one of 2009's best games. My experience with the Street Fighter series is limited, having introduced it to myself in mid-2008, but after figuring out some of the more basic moves like the hadouken and mastering one or two characters I felt like I was ready to take on the world. Turns out the world was just as ready to pummel me back into the ground.  For those who are new to the series Street Fighter is fairly different from other fig...

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