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A good, fun game that leaves you wanting more

Super Swing Golf is a game born from the popular Japanese online golf game, Pangya! The game is a very arcade-y experience; players must get their golf ball in the golf hole in as few shots as possible, just as any other golf game, but what separates it from it's peers is the nature of the courses, and interesting features such as items that directly affect your shots, equipment that effects your play as well as appearance, and different kinds of 'power shots'. Players can curve their shots in ways that would not be possible in the real world, avoiding obstacles such as rocks, trees and helicopters. The player earns 'Pang' when they pull of perfect shots, chip-ins, long putts, etc. This acts as the currency of the game used to buy equipment, items, characters and caddies and also builds up a bar during gameplay that allows the player to use one of two kinds of 'power shot'. One power shot is the Tomahawk. This launches the ball high in the air and then causes the ball to 'crater' into the ground, meaning the ball doesn't roll allowing from precise shows. The other is the Cobra. This allows the player to hit the ball flat and then suddenly gains height near the end of it's flight, allowing the player to avoid the effects the wind but still gain some height.

There are 3 single player modes to play, two are the standard stroke play and match play modes, the other is the Pangya Festa. In this mode, you play as each character through multiple story-lines. Each game in the this mode is framed with cut-scenes of the characters playing and their caddies mouthing off at each other. These are extremely awkward and unnecessary and can only be skipped after they have been watched once. Playing through this mode grants you the ability to purchase more characters and equipment. Thankfully, characters and equipment do a good job of affecting your characters ability, and there is no 'ultimate' equipment that maxes out all your stats, meaning your choices are meaningful.

Control can either be done through motion-control, or by using the standard 'hit a button, power bar moves up, hit a button, power bar moves down' convention. Both are exactly as you'd expect, so it really is a matter of personal preference.

This game is very fun, but the lack of online play found in it's PC counterpart makes it hard to suggest to purchase, but if you want a game you can sit in your pants on a sunday afternoon and play without real stress, this is it.

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