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Family Trainer: Daiundoukai (lit: "Great Sports Meet"), known in the US as Super Team Games, is the seventh entry in Bandai's ten-game series that require the use of the Family Trainer/Power Pad accessory to play.

The sports that the game emulate resemble those played at a Summer camp or school's sports day, with less serious types of events like a three-legged race and obstacle courses. The game can be played with either one or two players, who compete with either the CPU or each other, and a six-player mode in which two teams of three compete by sharing the Power Pad.


The game is split into several different courses, with the idea being that the player who scores the most points overall across each event wins the game.


  • Obstacle Course A includes Log Hop, Water Cross and Wall Jump, as well as a straightforward sprint race.
  • Obstacle Course B includes Belly Bump Ball, Crab Walk, Bubble Run, and also the sprint race.
  • Super Obstacle Course is a combination of Obstacle Course A and B.
  • Skateboard Race is a single event where the player must avoid obstacles on a skateboard.

The six-player mode has three unique events of its own: A tug of war, a six-legged race and a relay race that uses the events of the single/two player mode.

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