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Super Tetris 2: Bombliss (or Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss) is an enhanced Super Famicom port of the original Famicom Tetris 2: Bombliss. The game features five modes spread across two game types: traditional Type A and Type B Tetris and a new Type C mode which raises the block level from the ground upwards as soon as a certain number of pieces have been eliminated.

In addition, there are two modes of Bombliss, which is a variant of Tetris that allows the player to create explosions whenever a line is removed that contains at least one bomb segment: Contest and Puzzle. Contest is simply the equivalent of Tetris Type A, while Puzzle creates specific scenarios in which the player has to remove all the lines with a certain number of specific pieces, similar to the Puzzle mode of Tetris 2.

The original Super Tetris 2: Bombliss was released around the end of 1992. A slightly updated version of the game, given the subtitle Gentei Han (or "Limited Edition"), was released two years later. Neither version was released outside of Japan.

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