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Super Widget is a platformer based on the Widget cartoon show, featuring a small purple alien named Widget who is destined to reach the rank of World Watcher among his species. To accomplish this task, Widget must travel through several different planets in order to save Earth and earn World Watcher status.

It is the sequel to the 1990 NES game Widget. Atlus developed and published the game for the US market exclusively.


The gameplay in Super Widget is more or less that of a straightforward platformer with collectibles. The main difference in Super Widget is that the player can collect coins that will make him transform.


Transforming acts as health for Widget. If Widget is in his original form he will die in one hit from his enemies. If he is transformed he will lose his new form instead of dying. Each transformation also enhances Widget in some way, allowing him to shoot projectiles or making him faster.


There are several different items for Widget to collect on his journey:

There's something familiar about this....
  • "W" Coins: Collect 100 of these for an extra life.
  • "L" Coins: Transforms Widget.
  • "S" Coins: Turns Widget into Super Widget: A beefed up version of his original form that can shoot a projectile punch instead of a short ranged punch
  • Shields: Gives Widget a shield that will absorb one hit from an enemy. Basically the same as the shields from Sonic.
  • "I" Coins: Turns Widget invincible for a short while. When invincible Widget changes color, has a ring of sparkles around him, and is forced to run in either direction with his legs and feet being represented as a circle.

Critical Reception

Electronic Gaming Monthly's Mike Weigand gave Super Widget a 4 out of 10 writing, "...suffers from truly horrible control..." and had little else to say for the game other than concede that it was probably aimed at younger players.

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