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Conduit to a Sense-Stimulating Machine 0

A rhythmic battle with cosmic geometry builds tension upon the unknown and heightens this anxiety with the abstract crescendo of the music. Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is all style and complete substance. It’s tangible proof that the Renaissance of 2d gaming is truly underfoot.Sword & Sworcery may incorporate some classic mechanics, but even from the start it is apparent that this is a unique ordeal to embark on. In fact, it never tries to be anything other than a game or some type ...

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More art than game 0

This game is a pastiche of different ideas. There's the old-school pixel art style, the new-school lighting, the new-school chiptune rock opera soundtrack. There is a not particularly deep story that is nevertheless engaging although it doesn't take itself too seriously. There is an in-game Twitter clone that you monitor for hints, and you can post text from the game to the real Twitter if you wish. But it all ties together to give a coherent whole.The gameplay is essentially a series of click-h...

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Sword & Awesome-ry 0

I love trawling through the iTunes store looking for games to become addicted to. I also hate trawling through the iTunes store looking for games to become addicted to. Maybe it's me, but there's a lot of shit that's exactly the same - everything lately seems to fall under a few categories: "Oh cool, this is just like Angry Birds" or "Oh cool, this is just like Canabalt" or "Oh cool, this is just like Fruit Ninja". And in-part, it's hard to blame iPhone devs; the attention span for iPhone games ...

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Short and Sweet 0

Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP is an enjoyable puzzle adventure game. A lot of what makes this game great are the visual and audio stylings, as well as the interesting world the game presents you with. It plays a lot like an old school 2D point and click adventure game, but it has it own unique sense of style. Very short but a fun experience....

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Of Blade and Spell 0

A crudely-rendered 2D man stands in an old grey suit, intermittently taking puffs from his cigar. He looks like something that could have walked straight out of an Atari 2600 game, but he stands against a more modern backdrop of slick grey and white. He talks of a kind of experimental treatment for “Soul-Sickness” for you, the player. His therapy will consist of dropping you into a virtual fantasy world where as a hero known only as “The Scythian” you will embark on a gri...

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A true disempowerment fantasy. 0

I just finished Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP. What started out as a breezy adventure game quickly turned into a commentary on death, inevitability, and how much control a video game player actually has. I'm getting ahead of myself. If you don't know, EP is a game by Superbrothers and Capybara games. I wanted to find out a little about the Superbrothers but they/he/she don't seem to know that some of us don't use Twitter or have an iPhone or want to sign up for an email list. Anyway, Capy...

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