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Produced by Magnetic Fields, Super Cars 2 is a top down racer, published by Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd in 1991 on the Amiga and Atari ST

This game went to be the basis for Supercars International on the PC. It is linked to other Magnetic Fields games including: Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 3 and Super Cars

Old School Security
Old School Security

Super Cars 2 took the formula of its previous incarnation and changed it emphasis from a power up based system to one more suited to learning the handling style of the vehicle used.

Super Cars 2 took the original games weapons and engine upgrades and expanded on them with higher level upgrades. some weapons include Front and Rear Missiles and Front and Rear Homing Missiles

As many games of the era it has copy protection, during the start up sequence the player is presented with a race track layout and requested to look for it in the game manual and enter the corresponding page number to continue loading the game.

Early In Game Advertising
Early In Game Advertising

Also during the start up sequence players are presented with an early form of in game advertising for the Early Drive program that Brands Hatch Race Track ran in the UK. The Early Drive program was a way for under age drivers to learn how to drive before they were allowed on UK roads.

Finally during the start up a splash page promoting Magnetic Field previous games Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge and Super Cars is shown, also there is a teaser on this page promoting Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge II.

Lotus Esprit Challenge II Teaser
Lotus Esprit Challenge II Teaser

As with other games that Magnetic Fields had created the driver roster was populated with Pun Names based on Formula 1 drivers some of these names include:

Nijel Mainsail = Nigel Mansell

Ayrton Sendup = Ayrton Senna

Nelson Pickets = Nelson Piquet

Mickey Louder = Niki Lauder

Crashhard Banger = Gerhard Berger

Driver Roster
Driver Roster

Alain Phosphate = Alain Prost

T. Hairy Bootson = Thierry Boutsen

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