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The Support class can heal allies (and leech health off his enemies), strengthen turret defenses, and can even turn enemy turrets against them.

Default Endorsements

  • Gold: Skill Recovery
  • Silver: Armor
  • Bronze: Health Recovery


  • Heal/Hurt Gun - Similar to the Medigun from Team Fortress 2. Fires a blue beam that automatically locks onto ally Pros, Bots, or turrets, healing them (or over-healing them past their max health). Secondary fire fires a red beam that automatically locks onto enemies, stealing their health.
  • Shotgun - Powerful at close range. Secondary fire does the Support's grapple attack.

Skills and Upgrades

  • Hack - Used on friendly turrets and Firebase turrets to increase their effectiveness. Upgraded this skill increases the range and rate of fire of hacked turrets as well as hack enemy turrets, claiming them as your own.
  • Firebase - Mini-turret that can be deployed by the player. The first upgrade increases the armor and damage of the Firebase. The second upgrade allows the Firebase to heal nearby allies.
  • Air Strike - Throws a beacon that calls in an air strike. Throwing a beacon onto a Pro or Bot will attach it to them, ensuring a direct hit from the strike. (Unless they are below a bridge or roof) Upgrading this skill increases the radius of the beacon and allows the Support to toss out several Air Strikes in shorter succession.
  • Support - Passive upgrade that increases maximum health, improves health recovery, and develops an aura that increases the strength of friendly bots.

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