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Supremacy MMA breaks all the rules of traditional MMA fighting games, embracing fast and furious gameplay and bone crushing brutality.

In a world where the real fight doesn't start in the bright lights of a championship stadium but in the back alleys, underground fight clubs, amateur arenas, and unauthorized bouts. It starts with the hard-working, tough-as-nails fighters who give their bodies and souls in their bid for supremacy.

Play as an MMA Legend or an upcoming fighter as you scrap your way from obscurity to supremacy. Engage in truly no holds barred combat, complete with illegal, vicious finishing moves, exotic underground locales and an authentic array of individual fighting styles from Muay Thai to Jiu-Jitsu. Choke out opponents, break bones and abuse your enemies to see who has the skill and will to survive.

Unbound by traditional MMA rules, Supremacy MMA pulls no punches.

Confirmed Fighters

Jerome Le Banner

Jens Pulver

Felice Herrig

Michele Gutierrez

Gamestop / GAME (UK) exclusive

Shane Del Rosario

Amazon exclusive

Bao Quach

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