SupCom crashing!

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I'm having a problem with Supreme Commander crashing after about 20min of gameplay, forcing me to restart my computer. The latest patch is installed, I'm running the latest video card driver (ForceWare 177.83), Windows XP. My specs are 8800GT, 2gigs of ram and a Athlon X2 4000 overclocked to 2.6ghz. Im thinking it might be my video card driver but iv had the same video card driver installed for awhile now and iv only just started having this problem. I'll probably re-install SupCom and if that doesnt help downgrade my video driver, but before i go through the trouble of doing that i thought ill ask in case anyone knows a fix.

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is it just crashing to the desktop? make sure nothing is overheating coz supcom is a pretty intense cpu eater.... you shouldn't have any issues with that comp you have, but could be the video drivers, could roll back to an older driver see what happens

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I re-installed it and it seems to be working fine, playing for over an hour and no problems.

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ok awesome glad its working now dude

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Black_Raven said:
"I re-installed it and it seems to be working fine, playing for over an hour and no problems."
Well that's good to hear. Crashing is never fun.

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