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Epic Sized Strategy 0

Supreme Commander is a solid Real-Time Strategy game best spent with some friends.Supreme Commander was one of the most talked about and watched RTSes of 2005 and 2006, boasting massive battles and massive conflicts for you to engage in, and, to put it simply, it delivers. At first Supreme Commander may feel intimidating, but it is perhaps one of the most streamlined RTSes available. You are able to queue just about any action you want well ahead of time, allowing for quick base construction and...

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SupCom Review 0

Nothing i can say about this that hasn't already been said in the first review, but my personal take on this is EPIC! when you think of supreme commander, when u first play it, the one thing you can say about this game is its EPIC! the giant battles that you can have with this game is absolutely insane! with 100s and 100s of units/tanks/planes/ships with some very nice graphics to go with it... There are 3 factions to choose from which really are so different from each other its quite refreshing...

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Does Supreme Commander capture that epic feel you get on PC? 0

Game companies and publishers have been trying for a while now to mainstream Real Time Strategy games on consoles. Ubisoft has the upcoming Endwar coming on consoles and EA also has Command And Conquer 3 coming out on consoles. Supreme Commander was a huge hit for the PC when it came out in February 2007, but now it's 2008, and it's on consoles. There are a lot of great things about RTS's. A lot of which being able to feel like a Supreme Commander (fitting name, no?) of an army. Not only this, b...

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