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The latest title in the Supreme Ruler series will take players back to the Cold War era.  The current released information includes the following feature set;
 ·        Play as the United States or Soviet Union in Campaign Mode
 ·        Control any Nation in Post-World War II Era in Sandbox Mode
·         Use Diplomacy, Trade and Espionage to influence the policies of other nations
·         Research new Technologies to give your nation an edge
·         Grow and Modernize your Economy
·         Control Military production and deployment, or let your Ministers take care of the details
·         And when Diplomacy Fails… Sophisticated Real-Time Strategic and Tactical Control of your Military Forces
·         Enhanced Graphics and Sound including New 3D Terrain
·         Experience the redesigned GUI with improved On-Map feedback and streamlined controls
·         Up to 16 players in Multiplayer over local network or Internet  
Development on this title is ongoing with more information expected as the release date approaches.

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