Best HTIAB? Receiver bundled with 5 speaks and sub?

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Lately at places like BestBuy I've been seeing sets like the Pioneer HTP071, which is not the typical bastardized home theater in a box, but a genuine receiver you can plug other players/devices into, but bundled with 5.1 speakers. Can you recommend any similar packages?

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This is a tough question. A lot depends on how much you want to spend for a system. I fairly recently put together a real 5.1 system, a step or two up from a HTIAB. All told, it ran me about $800 or so. A full set of Pioneer speakers, an Energy sub, and a Denon receiver.

Now, if you want to just spend 300 or so to get one of these low end systems, what I've heard is that Onkyo and Denon are both brands that have decent HTIAB systems. I'm not sure about Pioneer in that area,

But, if you really want to look into this kind of thing, I highly recommend the AVSForum. It's where I go for all my home theater tech questions and discussions. Here's a link to their HTIAB forum.

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