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Survival Crisis Z is an isometric shooter that puts you in the role of an average guy trying to survive in a zombie infested city. The game has both a story and arcade mode.

Arcade Mode

In the arcade mode, your character runs around the street killing zombies for points while trying to stay alive. As you kill zombies, you progress in levels which changes the powerups you might see and make the game progressively harder.

Great Walls of Fire
High scores are rewarded by unlocking features that can be accessed in the main menu.


zmlgame is a simple text adventure. After unlocking it, you can make your own and access them via the main menu. The text adventures are made with a simple xml-like language, and there are not as many features as you might expect from a fully fledged IF engine.

Story Mode

In the story mode, you start in the street with very little equipment and a map. Scattered around the area are safe-houses occupied by one of three factions. From these safe-houses you can rest, get work, trade, or engage in a hostile take over. Along with the safe-houses are a number of other buildings, which can be scavenged for ammo or trade goods. Sometimes buildings will have entrances to randomly generated dungeons.

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