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Developed by Jeff Tunnell/ Dynamix who are more well known for MechWarrior and a few years later The Incredible Machine, Motocross is a game ironically only about supercross racing. Supercross consists of racing dirt bikes over man-made courses in a stadium. The jumps are much higher and dangerous than standard outdoor motocross racing.
There are 10 real life tracks to race on. You can practice alone or with opponents, or jump straight into the full season mode. 
You also have the option to adjust your bike before the race starts like fork angle, suspension, gear ratio, or tire pressure. These adjustments affect how well you do on a given course, as some may need you to reach a higher top speed, while others contain tricky jumps.
The game is fairly realistic, making you brake on sharp turns, falling off the bike when you veer off track too fast, and your bike can also get damaged during the race, sometimes to the point of being out of the race for good.

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