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Swain is a dps mage in League of Legends. He specializes in damage over time rather than burst damage, and is similar in play style to Malzahar. His spells focus on using ravens.


 Not much is known about Swain's past. What little is known was gathered from either an early medical report, in which an adolescent Swain calmly refused magical treatment to heal his broken leg, or his military documents showing that he started his service as an officer.
Swain quickly rose through the ranks, and after a bit of beauracracy that temporarily stopped him from serving, Swain has returned to fight against the forces of Demacia and prove why he is considered the Master Tactician.


 Carrion Renewal
Passive: Swain gets three times his normal mana regeneration for five seconds after killing an enemy unit.

Active ability (Q): Swain creates a stationary raven that targets an enemy, dealing damage and slowing them for either three seconds or until the enemy is out of range.
Active ability (W): After a short delay, all enemy units within a circle's radius are rooted in place and take magic damage.

Active ability (E): Swain attacks the enemy, who takes damage over time as well as takes additional damage from all of Swain's attacks.

 Ravenous Flock
Active ability (R): Swain transforms into a raven, sending out smaller ravens to deal damage and absorb life from all nearby enemy units (this ability toggles).

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