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The Swamp Monsters are an unknown entity when Cole first encounters them during a rally held by Joseph Bertrand, and are apparently coming from somewhere deep in the New Marais swamps.

They are the lowest tier of the "Corrupted" enemy set and are mostly human-looking, only with scythes for arms. They are mindless beasts, attacking anything near them besides other Corrupted. They can only attack with their scythe arms in close-quarters melee and are often distracted by the need to eat their fresh kills. Cole can take them down with a relatively small amount of firepower, though the player should be aware that the Swamp Monsters tend to hunt in packs as well as alongside stronger Corrupted like the Ravagers. A valid (if slow) strategy is letting the Corrupted and any troublesome soldiers take each other and then clean up whatever's left.

The origin of the Swamp Monsters, and all the other Corrupted enemies, is revealed towards the last third of the game.

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