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Viva Pinata

Appear Requirements

  • You are at least a level 27 gardener.

Visit Requirements

  • Dug 200 square pinometers of water (20%).
  • Your garden is valued at 20,000 chocolate coins.

Resident Requirements

  • Dug 250 square pinometers of water (25%).
  • Has eaten two sandwiches.
Swanna House

Romance Requirements

  • There is a swan fountain in your garden.
  • Wearing a diamond choker.
  • Has eaten three water lily flowers.
  • Dug 300 square pinometers of water (30%).
  • There is a Swanna house in your garden.

Species Variants

  • Feeding it a bottle of medicine changes it's color to pink.
  • Feeding it a gooseberry seed changes it's color to green.
  • Feeding it a snapdragon changes it's color to purple.


  • Enjoys being watered with the watering can.

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