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Death by Numbers. 0

Do you enjoy death? Are you the kind of person who laughs at obscene, comical demises such as the ones found in The Itchy and Scratchy Show? Than Swarm might appeal to you. Its quirky sense of humor and weird concept seem fun at first before being violently shot down by poor controls, bad level design and a game breaking bug that will have more than one player give up before the credits roll.Swarm doesn't care about telling a story. You play as a swarm of little blue guys who must cause enough m...

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Swarming with mediocrity. (Ha! That's kinda mean I guess) 0

Swarm is a very very strange game. It’s an awkward mishmash of Tony Hawk combo based scoring, Pikmin-ish style character controls, and the adorable murder of your own minions. The latest title from developer Hothead Games has a lot of really fun ideas that you rarely ever see together. And sometimes these ideas go together perfectly, but at other times they fail… hard.You are some kind of alien species that needs DNA; or to be more specific, your “Momma” needs DNA (I’m sure there’s a really good...

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Swarm Review 0

Controlling your minions in Swarm has gameplay that’s reminiscent of Pikmin on the Nintendo GameCube or Overlord in recent years. The difficulty quickly ramps up to that of Super Meat Boy frustration (at points). While it doesn’t require lightning-quick reflexes, it does rely on trial and error. And you will error, a lot. Death for your swarmites isn’t the end, but a means to an end. You see, you are rewarded to kill a few of your swarmites to help reach a goal or extend the combo meter. Kill to...

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