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Sweep is a glove puppet dog famous for being Sooty's best friend in the popular television series The Sooty Show, which he joined in 1957. He has a grey body with long black ears and a red nose. His most famous trait, though, is his squeaky voice, which can only be understood by his friends. Famous for being dim-witted, Sweep is often the target of playful teasing by his friends who endearingly refer to him as "Sausage-Brain". His stupidity often acts as a vehicle for slapstick humour. He loves bones and sausages, and is generally very excitable.

Sooty & Sweep
Sweep also accompanied Sooty and the gang in the series Sooty And Co. which was based around the idea of the puppets running a shop that sells "almost anything".

Sweep notoriously wore green wellington boots, which would waggle wildly in the air if ever Sweep were to be knocked over.

Sooty and Sweep continue to appear in childrens television shows in the UK, and are currently the longest running childrens programme in the country according to the Guiness Book Of Records.

To date, he has made one appearance in a video game - the educational title Sooty's Fun With Numbers, released in 1990.

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