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Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is an otome game developed by Idea Factory and Comcept for the PSP. It was released in North America by Aksys Games. The protagonist is Saki Inafune, the niece of legendary game designer Keiji Inafune.


Saki Inafune

Saki Inafune is excited when she receives an invitation to the opening ceremony for her uncle's theme park. As she is getting ready for a fun day at the park, the evil Count Hogstein shows up. Hogstein blows up the ferris wheel and takes the park management hostage. He announces the beginning of a deadly series of games. Desperate to save her uncle, Saki volunteers to participate in the deadly competitions. Saki must team up with other participants who are all available bachelors and try to save her uncle from the clutches of Hogstein.


  • Features a branching story with many story paths and 14 endings
  • Solve dangerous puzzles that will determine Saki and her friends fates
  • Choose how to deal with conversations either keeping your cool or blowing your fuse when dealing with characters

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