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Epic Weapons

Simultaneous with the discovery of Kunark, several adventurers began to speak of fabled weapons of unfathomable power.  They told tales of marathon quests that yeilded these weapons to members of each class from Bards to Warriors.  These quests would each span the world and often into the planes of the gods.  Some tasks could be completed alone, but many would require a small army of commrades to complete.  Each class' weapon is easy to spot, not just for their unique design, but because of the particle effects eminating from the weapon.  Through the hard work of many pioneers, each class' epic weapon was discovered, some easier than others.  

Swiftwind & Earthcaller

Both Swiftwind and Earthcaller have hilts resembling the crest of the Wood Elven city of Kelethin.  The shimmering blades crafted of ancient metal and mihtril ore both constantly pulse with lightning, which will catch the eye of anyone nearby.  Together, the two blades boost a ranger's strength, stamina, dexterity, and health.  Swiftwind is infused the magic of Swift Spirit which increases the wielder's haste by 40% and heightens attack prowess.  Earthcaller does the opposite by inflicting slowness on enemies and diminishing the enemies health over time.  

The Epic Quest

The ranger epic quest begins with the same steps as their druid friends' Nature Walker's Scimitar.  The point at which the quest takes a different route is after receiving the warmly glowing stone from Foloal Stormforest.  Instead of taking this stone to Ella Foodcrafter in Misty Thicket, it should be taken to Telin Darkforest back in the Burning Wood.  He is pleased and mentions that it is up to the rangers to strike against Innoruuk directly while the druids attempt to thwart his corruption throughout the lands.  He rewards these efforts with an ancient longsword, which he says is one of the oldest known blades in the world, but it must be tempered, sharpened, and balanced.  Kinlo Strongarm in Kaladim can help in this matter.  He speaks of ancient smiths that were chosen by Brell Serilis to come to the Plane of Underfoot and build him an epic castle.  Kinlo says that a few of these smiths were trapped into their very own hammers by a pair of Erudites that then used these hammers to build ships and houses far better than any ever seen.

One of these Erudites is Jaeil the Wretched, who can be found in some of the deepest parts of The Hole.  Defeating him will reveal that he still carries the soulbound hammer.  Kinlo confirms that it is indeed one of the ancient's hammers, but suggests that its owner must be freed from its confines.  An Erudite woman named Mairee Silentone in Erudin can be of service here.  She requires a swirling sphere of color from the Plane of Sky, which is carried by the essence tamer on the fourth isle.  Once the sphere is in hand, Mairee rolls it across the hammer, then advises that Kinlo will know what to do from there.  Upon receiving the hammer, Kinlo will smash the hammer against his anvil causing Usbak the Old will appear.

Jaeil the Wretched
In return for freeing him, Usbak hands over some mithril ore and sharpens the ancient long sword before suggesting to return to Telin.  Faelin Bloodbriar from Greater Faydark arrives to wait for your return with Telin.  She takes a gem and infuses it within the sword and collapses to the ground after enchanting it with a powerful spell.  Faelin hands the sword back and requests that it be used to slash Innoruuk's heart.  The sword she creates from the ancient sword is known as Swiftwind.

The next step is heading to the Plane of Hate to slay the Prince of Hate himself, Innoruuk.  Obvsiouly this will require signifcant help from friends.  The item needed is a shattered emerald of corruption.  It is also carried by the leaders of each faction within the plane, so it's not actually necessary to kill Innoruuk.  The emerald and the mithril from Usbak should then be given Xanuusus, an ancient treant that roams throughout North Karana.  Xanuusus melds the emerald with the mithril creating a second blade known as Earthcaller, which completes the quest.    

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