Can you swim?

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Yes very well!

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It's not really your polls that are bad, but the options. 
Does B cancel out A? It's confusing. And aren't E and G like the same thing?

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@AlwaysAngry said:
" It's not really your polls that are bad, but the options.  Does B cancel out A? It's confusing. And aren't E and G like the same thing? "
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I can only doggy paddle correctly, I can swim the other way, but at that I am terrible.

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Yes, but I sink like a rock most of the time. (Im just out of practice.)

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Like a freaking dolphin yo.

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Yeah, I'm a pretty decent swimmer when I wanna be.

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No, I took swimming lessons before, however I still don't see how it's possible imo. I'm sure it's possible of course, I can't swim at all on any level.

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@AjayRaz said:

"no  :( "


This :/
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I was captain of my high school swim team so yes very well.

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Yes but i prefer walking.

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Barely.  I only took a few swimming classes when I was 13 or something.  When will I need to swim anyways! >:(

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@Resident4t said:
" Yes but i prefer walking. "
Holy crap, we found Jesus! 
Yes, I can.
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I can drown.

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@eroticfishcake said:
" I can drown. "
I will drown LOL
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wait, no as in 'i would drown if i was in the water' no? i thought everyone knew how to swim a little bit. 
i'm ok, like breast stroke and front crawl.

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@AjayRaz said:
" no  :( "
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Yes, I love swimming.

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Yes, though I'm not a "pro" swimmer.
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13 years of swimming lessons and training

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@Big_D: daayyyumm 13 years?
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uh,  barely. Like I can't really do strokes that well. I'm comfortable being in the water though.

#26 Posted by Daveyo520 (7379 posts) -

Yes, but I don't really like to.

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Yup.  I took a class with a friend of mine who couldn't so he wouldn't feel like some pervert (it was a swimming class for kids) during high school and one in college.  I still can't dolphin kick very well.

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I can swim but I'm really afraid of deep water. So much so in fact that it's hard for me to play games that have you swimming in murky water where you can't see.

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not anymore, not since my balance got fucked by inner ear infections

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Took ten years of swimming lessons, so I'm more than competent I suppose. Though I don't enjoy it. 

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More than "barely" but not that good. It's not like I'll drown in 10+ feet of water or anything. Plus, I can float, so there's that.

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I can, but I didn't learn how to until I was about 12 or 13 years old. 

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I actually attended swimming lessons as a kid and yet can I swim now? Nope.

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@Hourai: I can only doggy paddle and i am ur age, how sad!
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Wow, surprising that so many people cannot swim.

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Better than that John Marston, I reckon.

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I can swim and surprisingly well given how much I hate swimming. 

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Please stop making polls, 
Just for awhile,
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@Red12b said:
" Please stop making polls,  Just for awhile, "
Keep on hatin i dont care if this thread was garbage it would be on page 1132
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@organicalistic_ said:
" @Big_D: daayyyumm 13 years? "
All that training and I only taught swimming lessons for 1 year.
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Bumping this because this NeoGAF thread has compelled me to and I want to see more results.

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